Morning Bonus Read – Crown Energy Center

Seventh Sphere RWS Tarot - Crown Chakra Tarot Reading

My crown energy right now.

Five of Swords – I have a headache and have been feeling a bit more “under the knife” with my inner dialogue lately, so it fits that these swords are coming from above, sharp and pointed… and aimed at the delicate lilies below.  Although not the traditional read of the Five of Swords, the imagery here speaks volumes to me both concerning what’s mentioned above and the attack on my more mature relationship I’d begun to have with my inner dialogue lately.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.

Ten of Cups – There’s a certain amount of pressure (self inflicted) to put out the appearance that everything is okay.  And most the time it is.  But at the same time? It’s not.  The fact that I pretty much fell apart last night after time with Gideon makes it pretty clear that everything is not exactly as perfect as I’d like people to believe.

How I can release this tension.

The Moon – Stop allowing uncertainties and insecurities to take root and stir that inner dialogue.  You’re spending too much energy trying to see the shit you’re fucking up on, and not enough on reminding yourself that that insidious inner voice is an asshole and a liar.

Something trivial that I need to let go of.

Six of Wands – Don’t worry so much about what others see.  You are pretending everything is fine, allowing others to see everything is fine when it’s not… and there’s too much energy going into appearances instead of into digging out the problem and what’s causing this imbalance.

How I can be of service to others.

The Hermit – By taking the time to actually do the work needed to find the problem, shine light upon it, and bring it up to the surface to be dealt with. Sometimes the only way to do that is with some in depth soul searching.

How I can improve my connection with my higher self.

Four of Cups – Soften that cold shoulder you’re handing out to your higher self lately, and allow your higher self to come sit beside you instead of taking a back seat.  Vulnerability is hard and it’s okay to stumble and back track sometimes in your journey.  Take some time to get back in touch with yourself, and let the higher self return to the table.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Crown Energy Center

  1. You can pretend for everyone else, if you want to, love, but with me, I need to know when things are not okay, yeah? I mean usually I already -know-, but I also need you to tell me from time to time.

    I’m sorry that things went a bit sideways last night, but I promise you, I’m not angry or upset other than needing to make it better again, baby. It’s okay.

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