Morning Bonus Read – Seeing the Self

Wildera Lenormand

The Brilliance In My Fire

Garden – When it comes to your passions and enthusiasm, you shine brightly for all to see.  You may worry about your communication skills, but there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind how much you love something when you speak on those things you are enthusiastic about.  Nor is there any that would mistake you as wishy-washy or without drive.  In this area, you come across to others crystal clear.

The Wisdom In My Air

Feminine – You are not alone. You will never be alone. As a twin, you are half of a whole and that other half will always play a part in your life. Don’t take her for granted, or forget that no matter what happens in life, she will always be there for you, and is a part of you and who you are.

The Grace In My Water

Birds – The communication aspect that you have with those you love, especially Gideon, is spectacular.  The two of you communicate on a level that goes far beyond what most couples experience, not just through words but also through energy.  It is a constant give and take, a constant communication in more ways than one.  There is a beauty in this kind of sync and connection, in the unity it creates.

The Power In My Earth

Ring – You are fucking spectacular at making commitments and sticking to them. You know how to take responsibilities seriously and you are adept at making sure that whatever you are agreeing to isn’t something you’ll either regret or want to back out of later before you actually agree to whatever commitment or responsibility is on the table.

The Beauty In My Spirit

Book – You are open to learning, open to putting in the work to research and expand. You’re always welcoming to different perspectives and seeking more understanding and more knowledge of each person and every situation. It is very rare that you are closed off to expanding your knowledge on any topic or any person, and if there’s a chance you feel you might have missed something important, you will research until you dig out whatever it is.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Seeing the Self

  1. Wow, like literally everything about this reading is you. It’s so completely you…

    I mean I know these are all about you, written by you, but it’s not often that one strikes so clearly as ringing -true- all around

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