Morning Bonus Read – Planting Season

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“We are now officially starting the planting season. This week, do a reading to find out how to care for your fields. Include at least 3 specific questions.”

The Seeds: Continuing on my path of emotional growth, and slowly finding/adjusting to a better work/life balance that includes the self-care and self-kindness I need to be healthy and happy.

SINS Reborn Playing Cards Mentis EditionWhat issues should I be aware of as I plant the “seeds” of my future harvest?
Ten of Clubs, Seven of Hearts, Eight of Clubs

Make sure that you are not allowing yourself to pile on too much. You know how you get when you start doing things and investing in them, you pile on more and more under the influence of your enthusiasm until that weight becomes too much and causes the passion to then fizzle out as a result.  Don’t do that.

What care do my “seeds” need in order to grow?
Three of Hearts and Seven of Clubs

Make sure that you are not compromising your values and principles in times when you’re feeling low and out of sorts. Sometimes during those times, it feels like it really doesn’t matter if you say “fuck it” and let shit go that you shouldn’t let go.  The thing is?  It does matter, and you need to make sure you’re standing strong for that moral compass of yours even when you’re not really feeling all that strong at all.

What help should I expect to need to help these “seeds” flourish into abundance?
Five of Clubs, Jack of Spade, Queen of Hearts

The help you need is going to come from somewhere unsolicited and possibly unexpected.  There’s a fine line between taking someone as encroaching on what you believe to be your personal terrain, and someone trying to reach out and help.  Make sure, before you snap back at someone for offering their help, that you ensure they’re coming from a place of kindness. Don’t just jump in and lay your shit on them without taking a minute to learn where they are coming from and why.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Planting Season

  1. That unexpected person better be careful….this is your emotional growth we’re talking about here and I just went HUGELY into protective mode *Chuckles*

    I love you man

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