Reactionary Sensitivities

IMG_9254Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long and was a guided meditation from the Calm app with added interval timer for my piriformis stretching.

The focus of today’s meditation was a loving kindness exercise that I, surprisingly, didn’t feel all that uncomfortable with. Usually?  I do, but for some reason, today it went really smoothly.

It is, in a nutshell, an exercise where you first do a body scan and build up loving kindness energy for yourself, then seek to direct that energy to someone you care about, and then someone you aren’t particularly fond of… and then expand it outward to encompass everyone and everything.

Tarocco Sopraffino Anima Antiqua - Nine of CupsToday’s draw is the Nine of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotional satiation and contentment. Like the Nine of Pentacles, this card is a bit about wallowing in one’s good fortune and getting in touch with their gratitude, although in this case it is an emotional good fortune instead of a physical one.

Okay so to be honest what really stands out to me today in this card is the fact there’s a little black spot on the bottom right of the card.  A SPOT!   I’m going to have to go through the deck and figure out what the fuck happened.  Maybe it’s just a bit of debris from my plant specimen box.
We’ll see.

And… yeah.   So here’s the message.  Don’t let the small stuff screw up what would otherwise be a perfectly good mood.


LionHart’s Mercury Retrograde Tarot Challenge Prompt
:  How can I use this New Moon cycle to help me move forward?

Fournier's Tarot Cats by Ana Juan

 Reading Summary: Remember that you have the strength to get through this (Strength). Up and downs happen in life (Wheel of Fortune), but you are more than strong enough to weather the storm (Nine of Swords).

Just sayin’… but I love this deck.

Take Away: The new moon is all about new energy and the build of that energy over the next two weeks.  It is about having come to the end and starting over, the last full moon’s energy has wanned and is now gone, the energy for the next full moon now builds.

As I ride that energy forward over the next two weeks, these cards are reminding me that my Nine of Swords experience with my depression isn’t going to last forever.  Life has lots of ups and downs, and now I’m in a down, but I have the inner strength needed to tame the lion as I begin using the mounting energy to help me in beginning my climb towards the light.


#DiscordTarotolicsFeb2021 Challenge Prompt
:  What do I need to focus on for self-care for this new moon?

Tarocco Sopraffino Anima AntiquaReading Summary: Focus upon finding a sense of pleasure and accomplishment (Nine of Cups) instead of looking to others to provide validation (Six of Wands Rx). You already have everything you need emotionally (Ten of Cups) so don’t sabotage yourself by pushing too hard right now (Five of Wands).

Take Away: I need to set aside that whole “working your ass off to succeed” mindset and instead spend some time focusing on what makes me happy and makes me feel good.

It’s hard to find those things right now when the depression has me feeling so vulnerable, but it’s better to focus on all the good that I have and the support they offer rather than looking for outside sources for validation that I can receive from those that already make up my emotional support system.


Daily Self Kindness

I listened to the current audio book that I’ve been enjoying during my packaging today.  This isn’t something I normally do as it slows me down a bit (same with if I listen to audio books while driving). But, I’ve been really enjoying this story so I went ahead and listened to it anyway.  Currently listening to:  The Whispering Room, which is Book 2 of Dean Koontz’s Jane Hawk Series

2 thoughts on “Reactionary Sensitivities

  1. *Tries not to chuckles but fails miserably* Did you ever figure out what the spot was from? Just a printer error or an actual bit of something that got onto the card?

    I think that not letting a little spot ruin your whole day sounds like a very good lesson/message for today. Though I think I’d be irked as well if I found a spot on my new deck.

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