Balance Adjustments

IMG_8801Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was another of the guided meditations with interval timer for my piriformis stretching.

The topic of today’s meditation was about how to deal with intrusive thoughts during your meditation practice.  The thing is, everyone has that “problem” and it doesn’t at all mean that you’re not good at meditation just because you have trouble getting your mind to stay still.

The interruption of thought during meditation is natural, and when they happen, that is when the true “work out” of meditation begins as that is when you begin to train your brain to learn something new.  In this meditation, the method for dealing with those thoughts is not to push them away, nor fall down the rabbit hole they create.  But rather to acknowledge it happened with a “That’s nice, but not now” and then set them aside.  Of course, they might come back, but that’s when you rinse and repeat.

Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot - JusticeToday’s draw is the Justice card, which is traditionally about give and take, cause and effect, and finding balance in moments of imbalance.  It can also at times be an indication of legal matters or the legal/justice system.

What stood out to me the strongest to me in the imagery of this card today is the woman on the right with the bow and arrow.  In fact, she stood out so strongly to me that I barely even noticed her counterpart standing behind her.

She stands strong and ready, looking outward and alert.  Sometimes, it is like the woman on the left… a time to look inward and allow vulnerability to thrive.   And sometimes, it is like the woman on the right… a time to stand tall and be ready for anything.

The woman on the right is who I want to be, and who I gravitate towards.  The problem is that now is a time of vulnerability for me as I struggle with this new rise of depression and seek to find my footing on uneven ground.  The Justice card is about balance, and is here to make a promise.  It promises that everything comes back around again in time.  The depression… and the good times as well.  Like scales set up outdoors will swing and shift, tip and dance in even the slightest breeze, so too does balance shift and tip with the goings on of life.


#DiscordTarotolicJan2021 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread 3

Paracelsus Dreams TarotSomething Important in Your Life

The Hermit – Healthy alone time.  This isn’t the “retreat to lick your wounds” time or the unhealthy alone time that gives inner negative thoughts time to pick away at you, but rather the healthy alone time you need to stay balanced and happy.

The Influence of Fire Energy upon my Healthy Alone Time

Page of Wands – Seek out new ways to make the healthy alone time that you need happen. It’s important to pour some of your attention and interest into this endeavor instead of trying to ignore these needs, or half-assing at fulfilling them.

The Influence of Earth Energy upon my Healthy Alone Time

Knight of Coins – Patience and determination are important. You’re going to slip up sometimes but you need to make sure that you’re still going for it.  Instead of using slip-ups to turn your inner thoughts unhealthy, accept that you’re human and everything takes time.  Instant gratification is not your friend and it’s better to take bite sized efforts along the way than it is to barrel head long in and then starve for long stretches between.

The Influence of Water Energy upon my Healthy Alone Time

Four of Cups – You judge yourself too harshly for taking this needed time. It’s important to view that need for healthy alone time more as a need, and view it less as a frivolous action.  You’re not “wasting time”, regardless of if it feels that way.  That is your past talking.  That is your inner negative narrative whispering in your ear.  Be grateful and understand that healthy alone time is necessary… and not some disposable silly “fun time” that’s a waste of time or resources.

The Influence of Air Energy upon my Healthy Alone Time

Three of Swords – Don’t allow the air suit to cause you to ignore your need for healthy alone time. It’s not a luxury… even if it sometimes feels like it. You have to fight back against that slave driver in your head.  You have to fight back and reclaim this personal time as yours rather than something you’re stealing from somewhere else. Don’t allow your head to play games with you that make you ashamed of your needs and what’s healthy for you.


One thought on “Balance Adjustments

  1. What a beautiful card. Just remember love, no matter how strongly the one figure stands out or how much you might envy her that confidence and strength, a balance is needed. That soft side is just as important as the tough one. Intuition is just as important as the physical aspect. Both sides of the coin are required for a balance.

    The depression won’t last forever be any but you can’t give in without a fight. I need you to fight your way out of the dark and I will be be right by your side to give you a boost up and to grab your hand and pull you out when you’re ready

    And again that mention of healthy alone time. So get outside and let that touch of nature and time alone help bring you up out of the datk

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