Dawn’s Light

IMG_8485Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was another of the guided meditations from the Calm app with added interval timer for my piriformis stretching.

The topic of today’s guided meditation was about encouraging one’s imagination instead of squashing it under the weight of realism and responsibility.  Sometimes even unrealistic dreams come true, and it’s important not to crush the hope that lives within your heart by quashing your dreams before they have a chance to grow into fruition.

Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot - Ace of CupsToday’s draw is the Ace of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of the seeds of new beginnings in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

What really stands out to me in this card today is the glow.  I know that it looks like it’s coming out of the cup, but it’s really coming from behind the cup, as evidenced by the fact that the interior of the cup is dark.

The message here is about the shadows cast by the dawn.  Sometimes when we’re in the dark, which is often the case when we’re experiencing something new and different, we long for the dawn and the light that will make everything more familiar again.  But there are always going to be shadows on any experience, because there is no positive without negative and no light without darkness.

The message here in today’s card is to not allow the dark moments to taint the dawn light.  Bask in the glow and take a breath, and leave the darkness alone for another time.  Spend  some time focusing on the good and enjoying the now.  It’s okay to let go of the shadows for a bit.  They’ll still be there for you later on.


LionHart’s Elements Tarot Challenge Prompt
: What can I do to start my 2021 positively?

Tarot of the Divine

 Reading Summary: You need to start off on your journey with a plan (Two of Wands) to begin as you intend to continue (Justice).

The Five of Wands in this reading isn’t about the question at all, but rather it is an objection to me trying to get out a third card when the deck didn’t want to give me one. Sort of a “fuck you” to my insistence on having a third card.

Take Away: The cards here are a reminder not to procrastinate on the way I want to do things.  If I want to focus on self care this year, I need to start off this year focusing on self care.   If I want to focus on balance this year, I need to start off focusing on balance.  If my focus for this year is to be furthering my emotional intelligence and fostering my emotional growth, then I need to begin as I want things to continue.

To start my 2021 on a positive note, I need to begin as I wish things to continue. In this manner, I can pick up and maintain momentum on my intentions from the start instead of wasting time on procrastination and avoidance.


#DiscordTarotolicJan2021 Challenge Prompt
: What could you use less of in your life?

Guardian of the Night TarotFive of Pentacles atop Four of Cups – Procrastination being egged on by issues with scarcity. It isn’t so much that scarcity creates the breeding ground for procrastination to grow and thrive so much as… fear does.  And scarcity issues are fertile ground for fear to grow within.  And once fear has taken root and starts to take over like an invasive species of weed allowed to get out of control, it binds you up and drags you down until progress to getting things done and moving on to better horizons becomes no more than a crawl at best.

Ace of Wands – Clutter and feeling crowded (imagery in the card) due to having so many potential projects going on at once. New projects put off until there’s a bit more time build up over time, and that includes the ones that you’ve bought the supplies for and maybe even started before needing to set aside for one reason or another.  All that clutter is feeling mighty crowded these days and now is a good time to begin looking at ways to re-organize and clean out what isn’t working for you anymore.

Three of Wands – The drive that pushes you forward with such stringent enthusiasm, even when it’s not entirely healthy to push at that time. This also ties into the Ace of Wands and all those projects partially done or not yet started.  Leave behind the urge to keep piling more and more on your plate.  It doesn’t create progress or get you anywhere, it just slows you down.


Morning Bonus Read – Cheers to the New Year

Contagion Playing Cards - Cartomancy - New Year Tarot Spread

Bubbly: Something to celebrate as the year begins.
King of Diamonds

You’ve done a damned good job at riding through the holiday rush and making it your bitch.  You have earned what you needed to create the stability you so greatly desire.  Things are flush and good right now, and that’s not something to take for granted, but rather something to acknowledge and celebrate.

Countdown: Something to look forward to this year.
Nine of Clubs

You’ll be given the opportunity to close out a lot of passion projects this year and show just how much you’ve learned and how well you can do at keeping your business moving at an even flow.  Just make sure you don’t exhaust yourself in the process.

Sparkle: Talents you can bring forward.
Five of Clubs atop Two of Hearts

You need to spend some time focusing on helping others overcome their conflicts and miscommunications so that they can find common ground.  You have the ability to assist others in this, and it’s a skill that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Drop the Ball: Quit doing this this year.
Four of Hearts

Procrastination is not your friend.  If you want to make the most out of the year, wallowing in hesitations and procrastination is not the way to do it.  You spent a lot of time in that fog last year at this time of the year, and there’s no need for a repeat performance this time around.

New: Fresh energy available to you.
Three of Hearts

You are far more open to the support of others, emotionally and otherwise, than you ever have been in the past.  As you learn about your own emotions and allow yourself to take better care of yourself, this energy of love and support from others will flow even more easily between you and your loved ones.

Midnight Kiss: How to deepen love for yourself and others.
Ace of Diamonds

Communicate freely and honestly with yourself and others.  The ability to communicate clearly provides you a direct connection to the trust they have for you, and that trust that you have in yourself. Communication is the key.