Spreading the Wealth

IMG_8584Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long and was a guided meditation from the Calm app with interval timer for my piriformis and forearm stretches.  Yes, I started back up with the extra forearm flexor stretches, as giving it a break seems to have instead of letting it rest… given it the opportunity to tighten up more.

The topic of today’s meditation is about the importance of acknowledging and accepting that there is more in the world that we can see and understand.  It’s like that Shakespeare Hamlet quote “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

I don’t necessarily think secular people are “wrong” or that their view isn’t just as valid as anyone else’s, but I feel that, like everyone in the world, we need to understand that there’s more out there than we can possibly hope to comprehend, whether it is a part of our personal dogma or not.

Heaven & Earth Tarot - Six of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Six of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of generosity, and the give and take of charity.  This representation is ruled by balance (thus the scales often depicted on the Six of Pentacles), and is both about the giving of those more fortunate, and the acceptance of that generosity by those less fortunate.

What really stands out to me in this card today isn’t in the imagery (which is stunning, as always, in this deck).  It’s in the words upon the scroll at the bottom.   The words “Material Success” are used as a prompt for the card, and I feel that this is… short sighted.  It encourages one to focus on only one side of that balance that this card’s message is truly about.

“Spread the Wealth” is definitely the message that I get from this card today, through the image that is then strongly reinforced by the words at the bottom.

I think sometimes we all forget how fortunate we are.  I know that I do sometimes.  But even at my worst, living in a car and struggling on the streets, I still had things to be grateful for, and ways that I was able to reach out and help others less fortunate than myself.  That outreach is important… and there are many ways to pay forward your good fortune than through monetary means.


LionHart’s Elements Tarot Challenge Prompt
: What should I know or keep in mind as I go after my dreams and goals?

Earth Bones Tarot 2nd Edition

 Reading Summary:  You have to rest now and then (Four of Crystals), no matter how enthusiastic you are feeling to explore new things (Page of Wicks) or you will burn yourself out and open yourself up to the slippery slope of depression (Three of Crystals).

Take Away:  Dreams and goals are meant to be pursued and explored, but it’s important to remember to take breaks and rest now and then along the way.  The pace you set is your own, and there’s no deadline to be had.  Don’t risk your emotional stability and well-being by pushing too hard and not giving yourself the rest you need.  That rest is extremely important to keep everything in balance.


#DiscordTarotolicJan2021 Challenge Prompt
: What do you actually deserve? (Built off yesterday’s cards)

Tarot of the Divine MasculineReading Summary:  You deserve to leave behind the negative lessons  of the past (Six of Cups Rx) and rule your roost with strength and confidence (The Emperor) with Gideon there at your side to support (King of Cups).

Take Away: Strength and Happiness.  This is about finding stability and confidence in myself instead of allowing my past to creep in and whisper in my ear those negative inner naratives that always try to tear me down.  I deserve to live a life without those influences weakening my foundation.  And I deserve Gideon there beside me, supporting me along the way, each and every day as I move forward into the future.


#DatingTheTarot2020 a (non) VR to Candy Soul and Soil

So, this prompt was brought to my attention by Simon at The Hermit’s Cave, bit it originates from Candy Soul and Soil on YouTube. The concept here is what decks would fit these ten dating categories listed below. Although it was encouraged that you could use any kind of deck for this challenge (not just tarot decks), but I will be sticking to tarot specifically.

1: The Cheapskate Date… who did you date because they were cheap as chips and what was the outcome?

Student Tarot v2 Stained Glass

Student Tarot v.2 (Stained Glass) – Other than free decks and gifts, this is my cheapest deck. I paid $3.73 for it in a bargain bin at a little Asian market up in British Columbia, Canada. It was tucked away at the very back of a shelf cluttered with stationary and books. It is a beautiful deck and actually got me into collecting all of the different Student Tarot decks. Each one has a different style of art, and I currently have… seven versions. I’m not entirely sure how many versions there are total, because every time I think I know about them all I then end up finding another one.

2: The Slow Burner Date… the one you weren’t sure about on first meeting but over time you suspect it’s turning to love!

Ostara Tarot

Ostara Tarot – I bought this tarot because I was attracted to the artwork, but owned it for over a year before eventually using the deck for the first time. There was just something about this deck that I felt I needed to hold off on. Then, a year ago in November I finally pulled it out and used it for the full month and didn’t want to stop using it even at the end of the month. This is extremely rare for me as I usually want to rotate out to use different decks pretty regularly.

3: The Blind Date… because we are impulsive humans and sometimes we just rush in! Who did you date without looking or thinking?

Raja Tarot

The Raja Tarot – I saw exactly three cards in this deck when I bought it. All three cards were majors, and that was it. No one had pictures of this deck up to view. The creator didn’t either. I had an impulsive “fuck it” moment and bought it, and it was the worst purchase I’d ever made. Jesus… it’s bad. The cardstock is bad, the pips are bad… even the tuckbox is crap. So yeah. Bad. Bad bad date.

4: The Rebound Date… the one you keep going to break up with but keep being pulled back together!

Liz Dean's Golden Tarot

Liz Dean’s Golden Tarot – I have gotten rid of this deck and had it come back to me multiple times. I bought it from Amazon, gave it away, found it at a thrift store for $4 and bought it, edged it… gave it away. Found it at a GoodWill in Ontario Canada and bought it again. It just comes back again and again. This last visit from my rebound date, I’ve trimmed off the borders and titles to make it image only.

5: The Surprise Love Affair Date… the one you thought would be just ok but from first meeting it was love at first sight that took you by surprise!

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Tarot of the Hidden Realm – When I ordered this deck, I really didn’t expect the reaction I had to it. I thought the artwork was lovely, and was interested because of it, but didn’t think it would be anything particularly overly special. Then I opened the box and touched the cards and it was so…. perfect. The art. The energy. The cardstock. The energy. I’d never felt anything like the energy I felt in these cards when I got them in my hands, and this is my very first “soul deck” connection. I’d been reading tarot for 15 years at that point, which just goes to show, sometimes surprises happen even to the well seasoned readers.

6: The “Not My Type” Date… the one you went on thinking it wasn’t really your cup of tea but what the hell… what happened?

Thoth Tarot Golden Edition

Aleister Crowley’s Golden Thoth – Right… so… I find Lady Freda Harris’ artwork to be extremely disturbing. It gives me really bad vibes and prolonged exposure (over a few minutes) can give me nausea and cold sweats. I bought this deck with every intention of studying the Thoth and exploring the system at length along with its original artwork. But I was never able to get over extremely visceral reaction to the artwork. I still own it, but probably won’t for much longer so I suppose this also could have gone down into the next category, but another Thoth style deck takes that slot.

7: The “I May Have To Delete Your Number” Date… the one that really didn’t work but you still haven’t broken up with yet, what’s stopping you?

Tabula Mundi Tarot en Minima

Tabula Mundi Tarot in Minima – This one doesn’t give me the same bad/uncomfortable vibes as the Crowley Thoth, but there’s something about the artwork that bothers me and I find myself often confused when I look at the cards in this deck. This is a weird sensation for me. I’ve been reading tarot for over 18 years, and reading imagery cards for years more… and yet these cards are just so confusing to me and no amount of familiarizing myself with them seems to solve the problem. For some inexplicable reason, I haven’t quite given up on them yet tho.

8: The Forever Love… True love… ok this one might be on the favourites list too but I’m curious and couldn’t resist!

Herbal Tarot

Herbal Tarot – I could have put one of my soul decks here, but if I’m entirely honest? Even though this is not one of my soul decks, it will forever hold my deep and abiding love. This was my second tarot deck and I have worn out multiple copies of it over the years. It’s diverse, multi-national, and there are a number of androgynous characters presented in the imagery. And… it’s all about plants. Unlike my very first tarot deck, which was horrible, this deck made sense to me immediately and was easy to read from the start.

9: The Stormy On/Off Date… the one you can’t stay away from, equal parts passion, lust and fighting! The one you have to have a break from but can’t stay away from either!

Tarot of the Sidhe

Tarot of the Sidhe – I find the artwork in this deck garish, and sometimes abrasive. And yet… there’s something about this deck that draws me back again and again. I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t help reaching for it in the summer months, even if I can only use it a few times before having to set it back on the shelf again.

10: The Friends With Benefits Date… who can you run to without commitment whenever you just have a need for them? The one who always just slots right back in like you’ve never been apart?

Hanson Roberts Tarot

Hanson Roberts Tarot – This was my third ever tarot deck, and like the Herbal Tarot mentioned above, I have worn out multiple copies of this deck over the years. There’s just something very “coming home” about picking up this deck and working with it. The artwork, the faces, the colors… it’s like a close friend giving a warm hug.