Morning Bonus Read – Cheers to the New Year

Contagion Playing Cards - Cartomancy - New Year Tarot Spread

Bubbly: Something to celebrate as the year begins.
King of Diamonds

You’ve done a damned good job at riding through the holiday rush and making it your bitch.  You have earned what you needed to create the stability you so greatly desire.  Things are flush and good right now, and that’s not something to take for granted, but rather something to acknowledge and celebrate.

Countdown: Something to look forward to this year.
Nine of Clubs

You’ll be given the opportunity to close out a lot of passion projects this year and show just how much you’ve learned and how well you can do at keeping your business moving at an even flow.  Just make sure you don’t exhaust yourself in the process.

Sparkle: Talents you can bring forward.
Five of Clubs atop Two of Hearts

You need to spend some time focusing on helping others overcome their conflicts and miscommunications so that they can find common ground.  You have the ability to assist others in this, and it’s a skill that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Drop the Ball: Quit doing this this year.
Four of Hearts

Procrastination is not your friend.  If you want to make the most out of the year, wallowing in hesitations and procrastination is not the way to do it.  You spent a lot of time in that fog last year at this time of the year, and there’s no need for a repeat performance this time around.

New: Fresh energy available to you.
Three of Hearts

You are far more open to the support of others, emotionally and otherwise, than you ever have been in the past.  As you learn about your own emotions and allow yourself to take better care of yourself, this energy of love and support from others will flow even more easily between you and your loved ones.

Midnight Kiss: How to deepen love for yourself and others.
Ace of Diamonds

Communicate freely and honestly with yourself and others.  The ability to communicate clearly provides you a direct connection to the trust they have for you, and that trust that you have in yourself. Communication is the key.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Cheers to the New Year

  1. I think you’re doing pretty good this year at “moving on” past the rush. You don’t feel as panicked and worried as you usually are when the rush slows down and instead seem to be trying to find a spot where you can take the slower path.

    This year, it seems to be that you are having more trouble shifting gear though, than usual. Not that you’re fighting against it but that there is too much clawing for your time and keeping you running forward instead of allowing you that time for rest and….calm. You need more calm man. Not just in naps, though I’m sure you need those too…but in calm. In being able to just kick back and enjoy instead of running full speed ahead.

    It’s past time to slow down, babe.

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