Whose Shoes Are Those?

IMG_8635Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and was another of the guided meditations from the Calm app with interval timer for my piriformis and forearm flexor stretching.

The topic of today’s guided meditation was about having appreciation for one’s failures and mistakes. This is actually a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, and it’s one that is connected to something that I struggled for a very long time to understand in others (and sometimes still do).  That is to say, I’ve never understood why people hold back from doing things out of fear of being bad at them or not doing them right.

One of the biggest steps to learning a new skill or ability is trying and failing, you then take that knowledge learned about what doesn’t work… and try again. And through multiple failures, you learn what works and what doesn’t… and eventually?  You don’t fail because you become an expert.   This is the process of trial and error that is what learning something new is all about.

Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot - The Hanged ManToday’s draw is the Hanged Man, which is traditionally a representation of taking time to look at new perspectives and gather additional data.  It’s about taking a pause in order to see things from a different angle, and allowing yourself time to wrap your mind around different viewpoints and opinions, ideas and angles… to see things from a different view in order to find more depth in understanding.

What stands out to me the strongest in the imagery of this card is the feathers in the lower right hand corner. They drew my eye very strongly today and are an indication of thought… of the fact that this man has a great need for thought and reevaluation… and clearly the opportunity to do so.

The thing is, even in situations like his?  We still have a choice on whether we are going to be open to reevaluation and a different perspective than the one we ourselves carry, or if we are going to remain closed in our own personal box and unwilling to see our situation (or any other topic) from a place removed from our own opinions and perceptions.

I have found, over time and observation, that I don’t communicate with people that are unwilling to try and see things from outside their own personal “box”, as if stuck in the certainty that their viewpoint on something is the -only- view point and only reality.  I struggle with communicating with people that have that mindset a lot, and it feels a lot like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, especially when trying to help them in expanding their view to find a different perspective that might help them in some way.

I still try though, because I want to see their perspective… but I want to help them see more than that perspective as well in order to help them find a path out of the situations that have caused them to end up feeling stuck or stagnant.


LionHart’s Elements Tarot Challenge Prompt
: How can I attune to my internal elements to manifest my best in 2021?
(I had to rephrase this question so that it better suited my needs.)

Wayward Dark Tarot

 Reading Summary: Part of making sure that I am attuned to my internal elements is in finding a balance between the self care and nurturing that I need in my life (pomegranates) and the strength and responsibility that I carry on my shoulders (stag beetle).  To do this, I need to learn how to create some organization and control within my inner narrative so that the negativity does not overwhelm (Princess of Air).

(Note: The first two cards are actually the Three of Cups and Four of Pentacles, but when they landed on the table in this reading, what I saw here were the Empress and the Emperor.  I have not been able to divorce my mind in this reading from feeling that the Empress and Emperor are within these cards and they were read intuitively as such.)

Take Away:  One of the things that sends me out of whack the fastest is when my pessimism and negative inner talk starts to take a front seat.  It screws with my head and tumbles me into overwhelm, and both my responsibilities and my personal self care suffer as a result.   If I want to attune myself to manifest the best 2021 that I can, I need to make sure I keep things in that department in hand, because I need to both ensure I am getting the self care I need, and also not dropping the ball on my responsibilities.


#DiscordTarotolicJan2021 Challenge Prompt
: What is something that you miss that you can bring back into your life?

The Deck of the Celestials TarotKing of Cups atop Two of Cups: More quality time with Gideon. More harmony and time together, working together and “feeding” off each other to create a positive and happy synergy.  This is something that the holiday rush took away, and that I didn’t get much of even during my time off after the holiday rush.  It’s something I’ve missed and, as the cards here indicate, is definitely able to be brought back into my life now.

Nine of Pentacles: More gratitude practice. Another thing that had to be set aside for a time during my holiday rush was the morning devotional that I usually do each morning prior to my meditation.  This devotional creates a daily regular opportunity for me to consciously focus upon the things in my life that I am grateful for, and express that gratitude openly.  I have not yet picked back up my daily devotional since the end of the holiday rush, but this gratitude practice is something that would benefit me and is definitely something that it’s time to reestablish now that the mess of the holiday rush is over.

Three of Wands atop The Magician: More confidence and surety in the direction I’ve chosen to go in. I’ve taken a lot of steps over the past year to learn new ways of looking at and handling the balance between my personal needs and my responsibilities, new ways of acknowledging and dealing with my emotions, and new perspectives on how to make space for personal growth.  All this newness creates a sense of unsure footing that can make avoiding backsliding into old habits difficult to avoid. The confidence and sure footed progress I want may be more of an illusion than reality… but the progress itself? It is something that it’s time to bring back into my life now that I am out of the rush and able to focus on my growth once more.


One thought on “Whose Shoes Are Those?

  1. You are not tolerant of closed minded, or small minded people, so this does not surprise me, hm? If people can’t step outside of their own perspective to even consider another’s view, they don’t really deserve your time and effort. I know sometimes you will continue to try, but usually a mind doesn’t ease it’s tight grip very easily.

    We spoke about this draw and the Emperor and Empress that aren’t the Emperor or Empress and how the message would have been different if the actual respective cards for that energy had dropped. So this was what was needed to get across the message. And this message is a much needed one as you need to find a way to quiet that inner narrative and soon, hm?

    And lastly…*Grins* I love when I make my way into the cards and your messages of the day. Of course I agree that you need to get more time with me and reconnect. Again and again. I miss you just as much as you’re missing me, beautiful boy.

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