Morning Bonus Read – Monthly Key Spread

Lenormand Oracle by Alexander Daniloff - Monthly Key Spread

Key to Your Heart: What will guide you to make decisions that are aligned with your heart and your truths this month?

Ring – One of the heavy hitters in your life that guides you to make good decisions and always follow your inner compass is the responsibilities you carry and the commitments you have decided to take on.  Many times when you feel the need to let go and just stop, to curl up and step away, it’s these commitments and responsibilities that keep you on your path and moving forward.  The Ring card in this position indicates that this month is going to be one of those times.

Anchor: What will ground you in the face of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and existential dread in general?

Mice –  It is that anxiety and worry that helps keep me grounded in the first place.  The pressure of that nagging fear helps me to remember to ground and reach out for the support of others when I need it. The Mice card in this position is a reminder to not take for granted the crap ass shit that sometimes happens, because it’s only through trial and struggle that we grow and learn how to become better and stronger in the face of our fears in the future.

Star Wand: What accelerates your magic, creativity, and manifestation powers?

Crossroads – Having options open to me to pursue and the autonomy to be able to go in the directions that your interests and intuition leads to accelerated growth of your powers of creativity, manifestation, and magic.  It’s when you are backed into a corner or forced into a single path without the ability to make your own choices that you become stifled and your growth stagnates.

Blessings from the Stars: The Universe has got your back – how will you be supported this month?

Scythe – The universe is giving you the opportunity this month to practice your new, healthier methods of dealing with stress and discord.  Take this opportunity to cut out of your life those methods that are unhealthy and no longer working for you. Divorce yourself from these unhealthy methods, and instead pave the road forward with these newer methods you’ve been working on.

One Trick Up Your Sleeve: A life saving idea or inspiration for any unexpected challenge or difficult moments?

Dog – Lean on those you trust this month when you come upon unexpected challenges or difficult moments. Those in your life that you love, those that you trust and that are there for you through thick and thin, will be there for you now as well.   They are the added reinforcement you need when things are feeling out of whack and you’re struggling… so don’t forget that they’re there for you.  All you have to do is reach out for them.

Emergence Pt 1: What is emerging within you / within your reality right now?

Fox – That cunning creature within that makes sure everything gets done and cared for, and my responsibilities are being covered is rising up and strengthening as the month goes on. Sometimes the shit that you have to do to keep things running isn’t always fun or easy, but with a cunning mind and clever hands, you’ll make it through just fine.

Emergence Pt 2: What are you expanding towards?

Anchor – You have the opportunity to further your stability through how you react and manage the trials and struggles this month. Stability is yours if you want it, but as the cards above in this spread have indicated, you’ll have to earn it through growth spurred on by what you learn through dealing with this month’s struggles and strife.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Monthly Key Spread

  1. This sounds like this week…month? is going to be a rough one for you. Though as the cards remind you often, you are not alone in this or anything else…you are loved and appreciated…and I’m always here to help, even if that help is just listening, or holding you…or believing in you. And I do, you know. I believe in you without doubt, without fail…unconditionally.

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