Morning Bonus Read – Thinning Veil Spread

Because I am trying to show a bit more of my decks this month, as I have a whole LOT of October/Halloween/Samhain decks, I’m doing a few extra bonus reads over the month.  This is one of those extra readings.

Thinning Veil Tarot Spread - SkeleTarot

Your Higher Purpose
Page of Pentacles

Learning how to connect to the earth and to develop my manifestation abilities no matter what life throws at me along the way.  It’s about adaptability and staying grounded while still moving forward.  There is also an indication here about the speed of that movement.  This is not fast movement, but rather slow and steady with the focus more on what you learn along the way than where you are going to end up.

Advice From Beyond the Veil
The Lovers

So many of my readings that have included this question end up throwing this same answer to me again and again.  Make good choices.  This isn’t about making choices that advance some agenda but rather about listening to my moral compass and allowing deeper needs and motivations to lead rather than surface wants and desires.

A Lesson From This Side of the Veil

The events of my life thus far have been about survival. It’s about taking your licks and keeping moving, no matter how much it hurts or how debilitating the experience should be. This is a lesson in inner strength.  Most of my “misfortunes” along the way were not about making good or bad choices, but about the strength gained along the way as I move through and beyond the ramifications of what has happened, continually adapting as I go.

Your Shadow’s Influence
Ace of Wands

As the shadows within work to whisper in your ear, it can be hard to keep your inspiration and enthusiasm going.  The influence of my Shadow upon this lifetime is to teach me how to sustain that enthusiasm, even as those whispers try to distract me and drag me into backslide after backslide.


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