Morning Bonus Read – Samhain Tarot Spread

Because I am trying to show a bit more of my decks this month, as I have a whole LOT of October/Halloween/Samhain decks, I’m doing a few extra bonus reads over the month.  This is one of those extra readings.

Samhain Tarot Spread - Trick or Treat Playing Cards

Life: What is my soul purpose in this life?
Eight of Diamonds

My soul’s purpose in this life is to learn and grow.  It’s about taking lessons learned in my past incarnations and honing my understanding of them, and of myself. This incarnation of my soul is about developing skills.  I don’t think this is so much about the “developing skills” of the earthly plane, though, but more about developing my skills of manifestation and perhaps skills involved with learning how to continue to move on no matter the hurdles trying to hold me back.

Death: How do I honor and learn from the dead and past?
Queen of Hearts

It is important to instill empathy and understanding into the honoring of the dead and the past.   We cannot know the nuances of what has created these past situations or caused those that have passed to do the things they did in life.  It is with understanding and empathy, that we can direct love to those situations and people no matter their mistakes or issues that you may not agree with.

Veil: What message does the other side have for me right now?
Four of Hearts

Don’t be a sour sack.  Right so…. the thing is?  I’ve had a few rough days this week.  There was the day that took 3x the time to do just about everything (including things as small as screwing a cap on a bottle).  Then the day where everything I touched ended up tipped over or upended (including my chili bowl ending up upended on the couch).   And lets not forget the day that damned near everything I touched ended up on the floor (including a pan full of boiling water and a good half of each deck of tarot cards I picked up).

It kind of begins really difficult to not become a sulky sourpuss after a streak like that… but I’m trying.

Trick: What distracts me from my soul purpose?
Jack of Diamonds atop Two of Clubs

Sometimes a slow pace is a good thing, but sometimes?  That same slow pace causes a lack of direction.  It’s like when you have a million thoughts in your head and you say “I’ll remember them and write them down later” instead of doing it right away.  Half the good ideas never get written down no matter how good your intentions.

It’s the same with my soul’s purpose.  Sometimes, when the pace is slow, I get drawn off and lose direction, then have to find my way back again.

Treat: How does my soul purpose give me joy?
Jack of Spades atop Four of Clubs

Part of that journey my soul is going through involves all those digressions that lead me astray along the way.  Part of my soul’s journey is learning to return to the path forward when I get distracted. And each time I return to my path after having gotten distracted it is like returning home once again, and the puzzle pieces fit back into place.  I can feel it happen when these times are upon me, and there is a great deal of pleasure and joy in those moments.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Samhain Tarot Spread

  1. I’m sorry that your week off was so frustrating for you, my love. I hope that our time together at least helped ease the jagged edges.

    You know, I’m still over here smiling at the post I read last week about how your soul finds its way back to me again and again. I was about to mention that you are learning and growing not just from those hurdles this life has thrown at you(and there have been ALOT of them) but also you are learning to accept and encourage emotional growth…though if you find your way back to me again and again? I can’t imagine I often allow you to hide those emotions away or keep them behind the walls you build. I can’t see myself ever settling for only a PART of you…so it’s very likely that I’ve broken down those walls many many times already, and will many times yet to come.

    (Annnd I’m not sure where all of that came from but there you have it)

    I love you, my heart.

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