Morning Bonus Read – My Creative Business

Spiderweb Spread for Creativity - Tarot de Marseille par Pole Ka

Draw Your Focus Here
King of Swords

Strategize the way forward.  Take control of your on inner dialogue and take the lead in moving forward.  Give those under you direction and purpose toward the goals you set forth to achieve.

Become An Expert At This
Ace of Swords and Queen of Wands

Motivating others through your words and intent.  Although you may not feel like your conversational skills are the best, what you possess is passion and the ability to light a fire under others and inspire them.  Use this to your advantage… and their benefit.

Encourage Play In This Area
Nine of Pentacles

When you have alone time at home? It’s a good time to settle in and explore ideas and have some fun. Don’t waste this time dawdling in a nap or blow it on the drudgery of daily chores.  This is the time to delve into the playful exploration of creation and really have some fun with it.

Embrace Failure Here
Ace of Cups

Once you get really engrossed in the creative process and holiday rush, a little bit of backsliding in your emotional growth is going to happen.  That’s okay!  Don’t freak out about it, because you’ll resolve that issue later on.  Having already walked the path will make finding your way a second time just that much easier the next time around.

Explore Competition Here
Four of Wands

You know how competitive L can be. It could be a good idea to exploit that competitive edge she has going on to your advantage.  How many chains can she make in an hour vs how many you or Z can make.  Things like that turn the experience of work into not just work but also a game, and gives a little competitive incentive to do better and get more done all at the same time.

Connect With These People
Three of Pentacles

These are the people that are here to support me and help me in my creative business.  Connecting with those I collaborate with, specifically my sister and Z, are here to help me in both my creative business and other creative endeavors.  I have only to ask for their help, encourage their participation, and give them things to do… and they’ll be there for me.

Travel To A Place With This Energy
Queen of Cups

This is not so much about traveling to a physical place, as it is about getting myself into a place mentally and emotionally, where I’m able to connect with both my own inner emotions, as well as with those of others.  It’s about finding a grounding, nurturing place within myself that I can them settle into and be influenced by in positive, self-affirming ways.

Brainstorm On This Concept
Nine of Cups

While play is encouraged during times of fulfillment in hearth and home, it is emotional fulfillment that needs to inspire deeper thought and ideas. The Nine of Cups in this position indicates that finding that emotional grounding is extremely important to finding a comfortable and fulfilling place within myself.  The restlessness and shaky ground I’m feeling needs to be settled, and this might take discussion with others and contribution of ideas from many corners in order to find the right path forward here.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – My Creative Business

  1. I like the idea here of turning work into play and making it fun for both yourself and those helping you.

    You’re going to get through the rush season babe, even if this year you are dreading it so very much. It is temporary, man. You’ve got this and soon it will be in the past and you can get back to a more normal and less stressful routine.

    Liked by 1 person

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