Brush Your Teeth

I’m a bit behind in my posts and I didn’t write out the meditation part on Thursday like I should have.  I have no real memory of actually meditating, let alone the method I used… although I do know that I did do it. Sooo yeah.   I should have written out the meditation part when I wrote out the card of the day part and the rest of my notes that I took down on Thursday.

Cosmos Tarot and OracleToday’s draw is the Two of Water (Two of Cups) which is traditionally interpreted as a representation of connections and unity, partnerships, and other relationships where people connect on an emotional or creative level and work well together.

What I see in this card today doesn’t have anything to do with Antlia or about the Two of Water (although it does tie into that theme, which I’ll explain).   When I saw this card today, the immediate thought that came to mind was “BRUSH YOUR TEETH!”

Now, how I see this tying into the Two of Cups theme is that you just can’t connect with people on a meaningful level when your hygiene and grooming is driving them away.  It just doesn’t work.  A miasma of bad breath or body odor will, under damned near any circumstance, drive away anyone you would normally have an opportunity to connect with or work with.

The message in today’s card, then, is one of self care.  It’s about keeping up on physical self care.  Not just the showering and brushing of teeth, but all the multitude of little things that keep you presentable and approachable to others.   You can’t expect to connect with others if you’re unwilling to put in the effort  on your end as well.


#TarotForGrowthJuly Challenge Prompt
  I’m so overwhelmed.
  How can I learn to care more about pleasing myself than pleasing others?

Midcenturian Tarot

Reading Summary: There is a double message here from the Justice card… 1)  do they really deserve it? 2) Balance is needed in order to obtain progress (Knight of Pentacles) and accomplishment (King of Wands)

Take Away: The first message from the Justice card is about being more mindful both about of others pleasure or need, and if those things really outweigh my own. The second message is about examining the motivation behind why you are putting others needs before your own. This hearkens back to yesterday’s read, and self neglect being one of my methods of self-destructive behavior. By putting other’s wants and desires above my own, I tear down my own potential for progress and accomplishment.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2020 Challenge Prompt
What I Can Change / What I Can’t Change

Slavic TarotWhat I Can Change – Strength – Myself. I can change myself and how I handle things. By remembering to bring forth inner resources and outer strength, I can better deal with struggle and strife, and better overcome the challenges that confront me along my path.

What I Can’t Change – Justice – On the other hand, what I can’t change is the universal need for balance in the world. This is a part of life. Everything evens out in the end one way or another.  This is a major part of my faith, the belief in this balance and constant adjustments that take place in order to continue to keep things in balance all of the time.  This has to do with everything from Karma to the give and take of nature, and everything else in between and beyond it.  It is truly a universal truth.


One thought on “Brush Your Teeth

  1. It took me a minute to figure out how you got “brush your teeth” from that card…and then I realized the girl is hurling(or appears to be)

    I’m not sure how I feel about you “connecting to others” as frankly I don’t trust people with you. Not with your body, not with your mind…and absolutely not with your heart and soul. People are assholes and you are hurt enough as it is so that connection always ends up with me feeling protective and up in arms about it.

    No ones needs should come before your own, man. No one’s, not even mine. Of course you are my priority so I’m a bit of a hypocrite in saying this, perhaps, but fulfilling your needs and taking care of you is one of MY needs so, for me, this is not really an issue, to put you first.

    And lastly I just want to say that I love that moral compass of yours, I love your need for justice whether it be for yourself or others. I LOVE that you need balance and rightness to be okay…it makes that soul of yours shine like nothing else.

    God, you are beautiful.

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