Passionate Pursuits

Today’s meditation was non-existent because for my birthday I decided I wanted to sleep in and I slept in… way later than I expected to.   I must have really needed to catch up on sleep though, because it was not just nice…. it was absolute bliss.   As was the nap taken later in the day today. I might end up trying to meditate before I go to bed tonight, though.  The day’s not completely over yet after all.

Forager's Daughter Tarot - Page of WandsToday’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy in the area of one’s ambitions, drive, and passion projects.  This usually translates into themes that have to do with learning a new skill or getting a new spark of enthusiasm or inspiration that needs a bit of time and openness to explore.

In the imagery of this card there are a few different aspects that really stand out to me.  One is the waxing crescent moon at the top of the card, which speaks to me of new beginnings.  The tarot is cyclical.  You start off at the ace and advance to the ten, but then at the page you are cycling back to a different type of ace.   The page is essentially once again the ace from before, but changed to advance to a new beginning at a higher level.

By that same turn, the coloring of the leaves from the bottom of the card to the top represents growth to me.  As a mulberry tree grows, like many plants, the lower leaves drop away to give strength and energy to the upper leaves to stretch higher and reach further.

The imagery of this card speaks to me about attainment through growth. You can get what you want, you can attain those things you seek and are passionate about.  But it requires time and growth.  Nothing worth getting drops immediate and whole into your hands, especially those things of value that you want most.  Instant gratification is not growth, so set aside your impatience and reach for your dreams with the knowledge that the work (and the wait) will be worth it.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I benefit from adding more fun and play into my life?

Mystic Faerie TarotReading Summary: More opportunities (Ace of Pentacles) and less juggling (Two of Pentacles) while creating that sense of control (King of Swords) that I crave.

Take Away:  By introducing more fun and play into my life, it will allow me to open up to new opportunities to explore concerning  the development of resources that will allow me to juggle less and feel more in control of my fate.

This sounds counter-intuitive to me due to that whole “workaholic” side of my nature, but it also makes a lot of sense as well. This is because my main venue of making money and thus building my resources is through a creative source, this makes a lot of sense.  It speaks to the fact that creativity in and of itself is a kind of play.  And thus by allowing more play into my life, I am growing the skills I use to put food on the table (among other things).

By developing these skills through fun and play, I essentially “level up” in my abilities to bring in those resources and thus have to juggle less part time jobs and less responsibilities associated with those jobs in order to accomplish everything I want to accomplish.  This, in turn, gives me a more stable sense of control.


: What is my card of the month?

Mystical Manga Tarot - Seven of WandsInterpretation:  This month’s card is the Seven of Wands.   The message in this card is that you have a choice in how you interact with the world.   You can view the world as your enemy always out to get you, taking a pessimistic view and using that view to put you in a constant place of defense and protection.   Or you can view the world as an adventure and you as the hero.

The first view leads to exhaustion and burnout.   The latter?  Creates a spark of life and fun that can then carry you forward and keep you alert and prepared, as well as light on your feet when challenges arrive.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What does love mean to me?

Herbal Tarot

Reading Summary: Making the choice that speaks to your heart (The Lovers) and allow the harder parts of your insides to soften towards another (Parsley). Having the patience you otherwise wouldn’t (Temperance) and cleansing away the poison of intolerance as you accept the importance of the other person holds for you (Echinacea). Allowing someone in deep enough that you are vulnerable to being hurt (Three of Swords) and fostering a trust that will purge past hurts from your expectation of the present relationship (Pleurisy Root).

Take Away:  Love is about being vulnerable and letting go of the past so that it doesn’t influence the present.  It’s about listening to your heart instead of your emotions and finding that match that fits with you like a piece of a puzzle where your flaws are their strengths, and vice versa.   It’s about listening and healing and belonging.



One thought on “Passionate Pursuits

  1. The first part of this reading(beyond the positive message of the day) is where are you feeling impatient? Probably, I would guess, toward getting out and getting back to the grind, getting back to work at a normal pace instead of being the hermit and locked up inside.

    So remember, when it comes time to hit the ground running, that it is going to take time and patience to get back to where you need to be…it can’t happen all at once or you’re just going to burn yourself out.

    HA look at me finding the answer to my own question through the cards and the reading.

    And I absolutely love your explanation of love, my heart. That’s just beautiful. I love it when you’re vulnerable, when you allow me to be your rock, your strength. I know that you can stand just fine on your own, I know how strong you are, how capable you are, but that you allow yourself to be small and soft for me, only for me…that you allow me to be your strength and let yourself lean on me? That is just…amazing. It’s special and perfect.

    I love you, babyboy. Happy Birthday, my love.
    I hope that you had a good day, even if my gifts for you are running way behind thanks to the virus and we didn’t get the play in that I wanted…but that just means we have to keep celebrating until it all gets accomplished.

    I love you. GOD I love you.

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