Preparation Before Action

Today’s meditation was cut short, as I had a telephone dermatology appointment.  Which seriously…. I don’t see why they bother.  In dermatology, a couple of pictures is not enough and it seems like a bit of a waste of time to have telephone appointments.  Not even video appointments like Zoom or FaceTime either… just voice supplemented with a couple of emailed pictures.

And of course, it didn’t go well and I have to go in.  Probably in June.

I will try to meditate again tonight before I go to sleep.

Forager's Daughter - Ace of WandsToday’s draw is the Ace of Wands, which is traditionally interpreted as a seed, new start, or beginnings concerning one’s drive, ambitions, or passions.  This often comes across in themes concerning the spark of new inspiration or new opportunities relating to one’s interests and ambitions.

What stands out to me today in the imagery of this card is the grape vines (especially the ripe grapes) and the spiderweb (which is actually supposed to be the north star, I think… but that’s not what I saw).

Grapevines, especially wild grapes, are vigorous grower.  They climb and climb, reaching for the sun, and the more sun they get?  The more they bear fruit.   Combined with the new moon above, the connotation here that see is one of bursting forth with energy and purpose.  No slow starts here… it’s all about the “get up and go“.

Combined with that symbolism is another aspect, that at first might feel counter-purpose to that burst of energy.  The cobweb (yes, I’m sticking with cobweb, because that’s what I saw) feels like a moment of pause.   When a spider builds a web and prepare to feast, they sit on the outside of the web and wait with perfect patience for something to become caught in the sticky strands. They wait for their opportunity  with patience and care, watching for the perfect moment to spring forward and claim the reward that comes from that judicious pause.

And that is the message here in today’s card.  It’s about my struggle with doing so much less than normal during the lockdown of the pandemic, when only one of my four part time jobs still exists, and even sales for my home business have slowed.   Now is the time to perfect my web, tighten up any loose strands that need brought into line.  Now is the time to practice patience, because soon enough the time to leap forward will arrive and things will once again be busy… and instead of feeling overwhelmed by inactivity, I will be overwhelmed by the familiarity of having too much on my plate at once.

It’s time to start viewing as preparation and the pause as a form of action… rather than something that is getting in the way of action and ambition.


#TarotForGrowthMay Challenge Prompt
: How can I go about that process of self-forgiveness?

Tarot of 78 Doors

Reading Summary: Let go of (Death) some of that demand for more (King of Wands) and take some time to appreciate what you have (Nine of Chalices).

Take Away:  Not only does this answer the question on how I can go about forgiving myself for taking some “down time” for myself, but it also correlates with my card of the day today.  The message here is about letting go of expectations and releasing some of that “do it” energy that is driven by my ambition and drive for more and better.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self care for this full moon?

The Muse TarotReading Summary: Delve into your inspiration (Two of Inspiration) to improve upon your craft (Eight of Materials).  Take some time to plan ahead for what I’m going to need and take action to get that done (Three of Inspiration atop Page of Materials (necklace chain).  Stop ignoring your intuition on this matter (High Priestess).

Take Away:  Order those 100 meter spools of necklace chain.  Order it now. 


*Chuckles*   Okay so I went and contacted my supplier to get me set up and order the chain.


: What blessing can I embrace right now?

I Tarocchi Visconti Sforza Piccolo

Reading Summary:  This time is filled with opportunities (Ace of Swords and Ace of Wands) and I only need to tap into my intuition to choose a direction (The Popess).

Take Away:  All of today’s reads seem to be focused upon my ambitions and drive. That is to say, about my business.  Whether that be encouraging me to wait, or encouraging me to begin looking for those little sparks of seedling energy waiting to be snatched up and set into motion.   The blessing I am given the opportunity to embrace right now is the plethora of new inspiration and new ideas that are currently before me.   The Popess in this reading is a reminder that I can’t go after all of them, and have to choose wisely.