Winter’s Cold Lenormand Reading

Winter's Cold Lenormand Reading with the Vintage Christmas Lenormand

Das erwärmt meinen Geist? (What warms my Spirit?)

Ship and Bear – You have connected with a mothering energy over the past few months, and the trips you take to go and visit with her warm your spirit, giving you a sense of belonging, nurturing, and strength that you haven’t felt before. This connection bolsters your spirit in a way only the warmth of a mother can.

Das erwärmt meinen Herz? (What warms my Heart?)

Man and Dog – Close friendships that you hold dear warm your heart. Specifically, that friendship you have with your best friend. He has been by your side through thick and thin, even when either of you have fucked up along the way.  Even during these times, the friendship has continued to hold strong and warms your heart, providing faith that such friendships can and do exist… even for you.

Das erwärmt meinen Seele? (What warms my Soul?)

Stars and Letter – Time with the one that inspires within you feelings of hope, joy, comfort, support, and guidance. Your partner holds your heart and soul in his hands, and uses this power only for good… only for -your- good. Warming your soul with his love, care, and devotion. Distance doesn’t matter, as the connection is solid and strong whether it is face to face or with miles between you.


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