Don’t Hide Yourself Away

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Marie Lenormand's Christmas OracleThroughout this month, I’m going to be mixing in some Lenormand and Oracle decks, just cuz I want to play with the fun Christmas themed decks, yeah? I don’t have enough time to do the divination challenges or all that, so I’ve decided to mix the different decks into my daily pull.

Today’s draw is the Lady and Garden cards. These cards speak of letting your inner “femininity” have more exposure in your life.  It’s okay to be soft, warm, and nurturing… and it’s okay for others to see these aspects of you.

It can be hard sometimes to allow our softer side be seen.  It can make us feel vulnerable or at risk. That’s what friends are for, though.  They are there to open up to and be vulnerable with, and there to help support and protect that vulnerability when you choose to show it. The message in today’s cards is to not lock up that part of yourself, but allow it out to shine as a part of your truth for all to see and acknowledge.  There is strength in wearing your heart on your sleeve and allowing people to see the true you.


Daily Self Kindness

I picked up a stuffed manicotti tray at CostCo for dinner, and a bag of mozzarella cheese to add on top (and I also added a bit of garlic salt). It was spectacular and I didn’t have to do anything but shove it in the oven for an hour and keep on working.