Balancing Boundaries

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Yuletide Tales LenormandToday’s draw is the Beast (Bear) and Tower cards from the Yuletide Tales Lenormand. One interpretation of the combination between the Bear (which speaks of fierce strength and authority) and the Tower (which speaks of watchfulness and protection) is an indication of a need to shore up one’s boundaries.

Therefore, today’s cards speak of a need to look at your boundaries and examine which of those you are letting slide, and which you are being too fierce in defending.

These cards indicate the potential for imbalance to arise, and encourages us to get in touch with our boundaries and what we are reacting to… so that we can ensure we are not just happy and comfortable, but safe as well.


Daily Self Kindness

I asked other people to help in bringing me food today instead of going for it all myself.  It was just too busy a day to deal with it, and I was really grateful there were others to help.

Unknown Darkness Tarot Reading

Unknown Darkness Winter Solstice Oracle Reading with The Christmas Oracle

My unknown darkness.

Shoes and Hay – The fear that what you offer will not be enough. That you are not enough. You work very hard to avoid and not acknowledge this fear, but it is always there lingering just out of sight, driving you forward in many ways that are both healthy and unhealthy.

How to overcome this darkness.

Yule Log – Return to and focus upon the changes you have made in your life to lighten and brighten your outlook. Lean into your efforts towards positivity, optimism, and self-kindness. When you lighten your outlook, you also lighten the dark inner narratives that whisper in your ear.

How to use this darkness productively.

Lights – This darkness shines alight upon those things you can do better and improve, both in what you do as well as within yourself. It pushes you to be better and do better, and to fight to exceed even your highest expectations.

Why does this darkness scare you?

Tree – This darkness scares you because it makes you feel barren and empty, separating you from others and leaving you all alone. It is hard to connect with others when you are forcing yourself to put all of your focus and efforts on your own performance.

Why do you enjoy this darkness?

Rudolph – You enjoy this darkness because it is a useful tool that forces you to strive harder for a level of excellence that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Your guiding light this solstice.

Cookies and Milk – Generosity, kindness, and taking time to truly appreciate the little things are where you need to lean in and focus.

The conquering light.

Angel – Listen to your guides and reach out to them for guidance when this darkness becomes too much, or when it begins to take over and overwhelm you.