Gifts of the Past and Present

Today’s meditation was skipped.

IMG_E8168Today’s draw is the Ornaments card from the Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle, with the quote “So it is, a remembrance of what once was and with what will be, A fragile beauty beaming upon thy.”

This card’s imagery reminds me of hand-me-downs.  Not clothes and things like that… but Christmas ornaments and candles.  In storage, I have bins of Christmas ornaments from the 20’s through the 60s.  Delicate glass balls and ceramic characters intricately hand painted, and beautiful ornaments carved of wood.  And candles…. so many candles. Not just tapers or votives made by family and friends, but detailed decorative candles covered in frothed wax, glitter, and holiday embellishments.

Some years? Not decorating for the holidays doesn’t bother me at all… other years I really long to go through those boxes, wander among memory lane, and appreciate the creativity of all those around me both of the past, and of the present.

Today’s card reminds me of these stowed away treasures, and of just how fortunate I am to have a culture of friends and family that appreciate creativity and the beauty of hand crafting items that can be passed down through generations.


Daily Self Kindness

I’ve been doing a lot of breathing exercises today to help keep my anxiety under control.

Self Care Lenormand Reading

Self Care Spread Lenormand Reading with the Christmas Lenormand Oracle

A card to represent what my inner child needs.

Gift (Bouquet) – Your inner child needs attention, acknowledgement, and appreciation. Validation can go a long way in connecting more strongly with your inner child, instead of trying to push them off in a corner to be ignored.

A card to represent what future me needs.

Child – More fun and play, more innocence and naivete. More frivolity and fun. You need to learn how to cut loose a little more when the opportunity presents itself. Stop being so serious all the time.

A card to represent what present me needs.

Christmas Market (Garden) – Social connections that can help support you now in your time of need, just as you support them throughout the rest of the year. Draw them in and encourage them to help you… turn it into something besides just work, but also a social opportunity.

What does my higher self request I take time to do?

Candle (Coffin) – Rest… breathe. Allow things to move at their own pace, and let go of those things that are coming to an end instead of grasping on desperately and refusing to let go.

What is my self care mantra?

Cloud – Uncertainty is temporary.  Fears are temporary.  Darkness is temporary.  Everything is temporary.