Inattentive Moments

Today’s meditation was skipped.

King's Journey Tarot Christmas EditionToday’s draw is the Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of chaos, sudden change, disruptions to the status quo, tearing down of established constructs, upheaval and the awakenings that can be born from it.

What stands out in the imagery of this card today is not just the figure on the ground that has clearly fallen from the tower, but the two figures on the tower that are in the throes of battle. The man above is clearly looking down at the woman on the ground, but he was too busy fighting with the other guy when it mattered and that inattentiveness caused him to fail in saving her from her fall as a result. Thus, he now looks down at the woman in abject horror, as if what truly matters in his life has been ripped away… and perhaps it has.

The imagery in this card is very expressive for me, and is a reminder not to let petty squabbles tear down all that you have built unless you’re ready to start over and build again from scratch.  Pay attention instead of letting the chaos of the moment distract you from what’s really important.


Daily Self Kindness

Waffles.  That’s all I have to say for today. Belgian waffles.

❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Christmas Tarot and Santa Claus Lenormand

EarthThe Star – It’s okay to be a bit disappointed in how things are going, but don’t lose hope. Work on keeping a positive outlook as you work and look for different outlets that you can tie into what you’re doing to encourage better outcomes.

AirAce of Swords – New ideas are needed.  Use those opportunities to tie in different aspects of your business and use them to spark new ambition and ideas. Utilizing these aspects and ideas can help you thrive and “put meat on the table”.

WaterSix of Cups – Memory lane can do you some good if you make sure to keep your attention trained on past good experiences, and not tests, trials, and struggles you have experienced.

FirePage of Wands – Learning curves can be hard. Especially in the middle of chaos like the holiday season presents you with.  Stay focused on your goal.

WaningSleigh (Ship) and House – Leaning into unconventional methods is not going to be your friend right now.  Instead, look at what has been tried and true in helping you succeed, and let them lead you forward.

WaxingSugar and Spice (Clover) and Lily – Don’t forget to count your blessings and acknowledge all that is going right in your life and business right now.  Just because things are a little slower than you want them to be doesn’t mean you aren’t thriving and doing well.  Don’t forsake your success and accomplishments by reducing them to something “less than”.

Take Away – Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, lean into tried and true methods that have helped you in building things up to this moment.  You don’t have to start from scratch, just breathe some new life, inspiration, and ambition into what you’ve already created. Lean into those old tried and true methods to lift you where you want to be… but don’t lose sight of how much you’ve accomplished in doing so.