Inattentive Moments

Today’s meditation was skipped.

King's Journey Tarot Christmas EditionToday’s draw is the Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of chaos, sudden change, disruptions to the status quo, tearing down of established constructs, upheaval and the awakenings that can be born from it.

What stands out in the imagery of this card today is not just the figure on the ground that has clearly fallen from the tower, but the two figures on the tower that are in the throes of battle. The man above is clearly looking down at the woman on the ground, but he was too busy fighting with the other guy when it mattered and that inattentiveness caused him to fail in saving her from her fall as a result. Thus, he now looks down at the woman in abject horror, as if what truly matters in his life has been ripped away… and perhaps it has.

The imagery in this card is very expressive for me, and is a reminder not to let petty squabbles tear down all that you have built unless you’re ready to start over and build again from scratch.  Pay attention instead of letting the chaos of the moment distract you from what’s really important.


Daily Self Kindness

Waffles.  That’s all I have to say for today. Belgian waffles.

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