Touching Base… Even When We Don’t Want To

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Madame Lenormand Christmas Oracle DeckToday’s draw is the Lady and Cross cards from The Marie Lenormand Christmas Oracle. This often indicates a woman in our lives of which we feel is a burden, or burdensome “woman’s duties” that we find ourselves reluctant to complete.

Today, these cards are a reminder to call your mother.

Yes…. you.  Call your mother.

Don’t forget that those we love need us during the holidays, even those we don’t like or agree with, or those that we’ve had disagreements or a falling out with.

Don’t let these harsh feelings stand in the way of connecting with these people over the holidays. Seek forgiveness within yourself… or if you can’t do that? Just check in to make sure they’re okay.


Daily Self Kindness

I replaced the weather stripping around my front door.

Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_0021-(2)The Grass is Greener

Now that snow
covers the land
and everything
is encased in ice
I long for green
in rich
and varied hues
and the drip of moss
from low branches
instead of

I just want to go out and take some pictures, but the temperatures are too low to go out and play in the snow.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Tarot Mirror Tarot Reading

Winter Waite Tarot 2018 Edition

Card that best represents me at this time.

Page of Pentacles – Slowing down, but still moving forward.  The holiday rush is easing up and the pace is slowing down, but you’re still on task and moving forward with your eye on the prize.

Why the card best represents me.

Queen of Pentacles – You want to continue to keep things flourishing where your financial security and stability in life are concerned.  You foster these goals through your work, and through staying invested, no matter the pace.

What I’m avoiding acknowledging right now.

Three of Swords – Although the holiday rush was busy, it wasn’t as big of a success as you were hoping it would be.  This is a disappointment, and instead of dealing with that disappointment, you’re pushing it off to the side and hoping it’ll disappear on its own.

What can I do to embrace who I am in this moment?

Judgement – Ease up on yourself and look at the long term goals instead of focusing on small disappointments that are inconsequential to the larger picture.  Stop nitpicking yourself and blaming the smaller return this year on your performance instead of on the fact that money is extremely tight right now for everyone.

Where life is leading me right now.

Temperance – Continue to slow down from the rush and work at making the transition to a more moderate pace a smooth one.