The Good and The Bad

Today’s meditation was skipped.

A Christmas TarotToday’s draw is the Hanged (The Hanged Man), which is traditionally a representation of a moment of pause and reflection, seeing things from a different perspective, surrendering and/or letting go in order to accept things as they are, and occasionally can indicate delays in one’s progress.

The imagery in today’s card brings to mind the phrase “stop to smell the roses”.   At this time  of year, there are no roses, but if we look beyond the literal?  There is a lot to stop and appreciate this time of year.  Beautiful decorations, cheerful music, a spirit of giving and generosity… all of these things are present if we are willing to acknowledge them.

Today’s card is a reminder to take a moment to see beyond the inconveniences and irritations, and appreciate the beauty this time of year offers to us all.


Daily Self Kindness

I managed to take a nap today, and I scheduled my time off for the next year.

Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_0006Shower Time

Nerves sensitive
with sharp edges
and prickly moments
when others approach
with a deep breath
of wet air
as rivulets of water
trail down
over scarred flesh
warm and soothing
they wash away
more than sweat
but help
ease nerves
and lower
unnecessary defenses

Photo © ZenStatePhotography