Taking Stock

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Yule Oracle - Candle CardToday’s draw is the Candle card from the Yule Oracle, which in this deck is a representation of warmth, illumination, and “enticing”.

In my life, I have found a Christmas (finally) that feels very close to perfect. I’ve discovered nurturing, motherly warmth.  I’ve discovered the comfort of “home” away from home, and the love of others that are here to help me and take care of me.

Hell, I’m even being fed regularly without having to do any cooking.

I’ve been very lucky this year, and I see this card as a reminder to really take stock and enjoy this time, and seek it again in the future. This year has taught me what holidays -can- be… a potential that I’ve not really seen before and very much cherish and enjoy.


Magicznie_Czyli_Troche_Magi’s #tarotowewyzwaniegrudzien2022 Prompt
Questions for December 19th thru 24th

Gnomes Tarot Major ArcanaGingerbread: How can I cool my life down?

The Tower – It’s time to reconstruct what you do and how you do it. Rebuild your time to give yourself the self care you need without sacrificing your passions and responsibilities. There is room for both if you put some thought into the construction and organize things well.

Yule Log: What warms me up, gives me power, and increases my creativity?

The Devil – You are passionate and enthusiastic in the pursuit of those things that interest you and you enjoy. Don’t let your fear of your addictive tendencies keep you from enjoying them. Just take care not to let it get out of control.

Entity’s Kiss: How can I bring more love and passion into my life?

The Lovers – Make healthy choices and be true to yourself and your needs. Lean into loving relationships and spend more time with Gideon.

Last Christmas: What were my previous Christmases like and what did they teach me?

The Emperor – Previous Christmases have often felt like a battle of wills. From these experiences you’ve learned that a taciturn approach gives you more control and peace than diving into the fray and trying to strong-arm things your way.

Next Christmas: What does my dream holiday look like?

The Empress – Nurturing, warm, and supportive. Time spent with those that fill you with these feelings, both in receiving from others, as well as in giving of yourself.

The Day When Animals Speak in Human Voices: What does my spirit animal want to tell me?

The Hanged Man’s– Keep an open mind. Don’t allow yourself to become closed off or rigid.  (This advice has been repeated in a couple of different ways in my readings over the past couple of days.)


Daily Self Kindness

I slept in today and let Jer take care of a task out in the garage that would have had me struggling at the top of a ladder.

Where Has My Energy Gone? Tarot Reading

Where Has My Energy Gone Tarot Reading with the Winter Waite Tarot 2022 Santa Helper's Edition

What Has Been Weighing On You

Two of Swords – Decisions on direction. There’s a lot to sort through and decide upon this time of year, when you are transitioning from the drastic difference between the holiday rush and the rest of the year. It is sort of a “fresh start” moment for you and you want to put your best food forward towards a positive, productive, and enjoyable future in the next year. With so many things to think about and decide upon, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid getting stuck in the quagmire of indecision.

How to Face It

The Fool – Just plunge forward and have some fun. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, and it’s okay to just “wing it” now and then and see what happens.

First Step to Get Back In Action

Six of Pentacles – Be generous with yourself and others. Don’t be a hypocrite when it comes to the differences between how well you treat others and how badly you treat yourself.  And, make sure that you are not holding back when there is a need to be met.