Touching Base… Even When We Don’t Want To

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Madame Lenormand Christmas Oracle DeckToday’s draw is the Lady and Cross cards from The Marie Lenormand Christmas Oracle. This often indicates a woman in our lives of which we feel is a burden, or burdensome “woman’s duties” that we find ourselves reluctant to complete.

Today, these cards are a reminder to call your mother.

Yes…. you.  Call your mother.

Don’t forget that those we love need us during the holidays, even those we don’t like or agree with, or those that we’ve had disagreements or a falling out with.

Don’t let these harsh feelings stand in the way of connecting with these people over the holidays. Seek forgiveness within yourself… or if you can’t do that? Just check in to make sure they’re okay.


Daily Self Kindness

I replaced the weather stripping around my front door.

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