Balancing Boundaries

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Yuletide Tales LenormandToday’s draw is the Beast (Bear) and Tower cards from the Yuletide Tales Lenormand. One interpretation of the combination between the Bear (which speaks of fierce strength and authority) and the Tower (which speaks of watchfulness and protection) is an indication of a need to shore up one’s boundaries.

Therefore, today’s cards speak of a need to look at your boundaries and examine which of those you are letting slide, and which you are being too fierce in defending.

These cards indicate the potential for imbalance to arise, and encourages us to get in touch with our boundaries and what we are reacting to… so that we can ensure we are not just happy and comfortable, but safe as well.


Daily Self Kindness

I asked other people to help in bringing me food today instead of going for it all myself.  It was just too busy a day to deal with it, and I was really grateful there were others to help.

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