Make the Time

Today’s meditation was skipped (yes, again).

Winter Magic Tarot - The EmpressToday’s draw is the Empress, which is traditionally a representation of the nurturing, female strength and empowerment without losing that “softer side” in the process, abundance, fertility, the divine feminine, and Mother Earth.

She may be the queen of the winter wonderland of this deck, but that doesn’t keep her from having a hint of knowing warmth in her eyes.  In this way, it is the expression upon the figure’s face in this card that draws my attention today.

That gaze seems to say… “Don’t forget that no matter how busy today gets, you still need to take care of yourself.”

This is fitting, since it’s yet again orders day, and there is SO much to get done.  Today’s card is a reminder that even if it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time?  Make time to take care of yourself.


Daily Self Kindness

I made chocolate chip cookies.  Not from scratch… I just don’t have enough time for that, but from store bought dough, which while not as good as my recipe? It’s still way better than nothing.

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