Greener Grass Ahead… Maybe

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Trick or Treat TarotToday’s draw is the Eight of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of leaving behind what is not working in order to head towards something that will work better. This card includes themes that involve frustration, abandonment, disappointment, and withdrawal.

You know that saying about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence? Here it is with a Halloween twist.  The superhero looks back at all the little pumpkins and the one on the hill seems bigger than life and so much better!  Yet I bet once he climbs that hill he’s going to find it’s the same size as the others… it just looked bigger beforehand.

Today’s card asks us to examine where are we over-glorifying something either unattainable, or that will cost us much to obtain?  Is it really as good as we’re playing it up to be?  Is it worth the sacrifices we’ll have to make in order to seize it for ourselves? Or are we building it up into something it’s not, chasing a mirage instead of reality?


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 26th and 27th

Spooky Season OracleWhere am I not taking responsibility for my actions?

Betrayal and Contemplation – When you feel betrayed by others, you have a tendency to get stuck in that feeling instead of seeking out where and how you might have contributed to what happened. This isn’t the same as blaming yourself, but rather, it is a need to seek where you could do better moving forward.

How can I begin to hold myself accountable?

Patience and The Call – Take time to really think things over and discuss them with others in order to obtain a wider perspective of the situation.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Question for October 27th
: The Wicked – They took their brooms to seek the night, what wisdom can witches of the old provide?

Trick or Treat TarotReading Summary: You only get one chance to live life to the fullest (Ten of Pentacles), don’t waste it by allowing stagnancy to take root (Four of Pentacles), being over critical with yourself and others (King of Swords), or by pushing so hard in your ambition that you are left all alone (imagery in the King of Swords).

Take Away: This is a reminder of some of the habits you have picked up that hold you back from truly enjoying life.  It speaks of a need for balance between your ambition and the stability and peaceful stillness that you crave, as well as staying mindful of that inner critic that loves so much to tear you down and cause disruptions in your life.


Daily Self Kindness

This is another catch-up post, and I don’t recall what I might have done for self-kindness on this day.

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