The Mermaid with the Violin

TasseomancyToday’s meditation was skipped.

In my tea today I saw a mermaid playing a violin.

This is a reminder that sometimes whimsy and fun makes everything better.  Don’t let the seriousness of life drag you down and make you boring. Instead, add a little fun into each day so that you have a chance to enjoy life… even during the moments when you’re doing responsible things.

Something as simple as some fun music, or a little bit of play, added into mundane tasks can turn a task that’s mind-numbingly boring into fun and energizing.

Teeny Tiny TarotToday’s draw is the Seven of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of thinking strategically, getting away with something, taking only what you can carry, and sneaky shit and/or deception.

What stands out to me in today’s imagery is the two pins left behind.  The hand holds five, all full of string, and that appears to be nearly more than they can handle at once.  Thus, the two other pins get left behind.  Maybe they’ll come back for them later… maybe not.  But they can’t take them all on at once.

Where in your life are you trying to take on more than you can carry?  Today’s card encourages looking at these things and picking those that are of lowest priority and letting them go.

They only seem important until the moment you realize that they’re really not.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 24th thru 26th – The Haunting

Mini Divi Decks: Ghosts, Curiosities, and DreamsPumpkins, costumes, trickery, what does my inner kid need this Hallowe’en?

Tornado and The Corner Ghost – Your inner child needs you to take control and instill stability by reassessing whose company is benefiting you, and which are causing chaos and problems.

A black cat’s omen, a raven’s foresight, what cometh to me on Hallows night?

Soaked Ghost and Lonely Ghost – Don’t fall back on old habits when difficult emotions arise. Instead, communicate. Turn over a new leaf in how you deal with these things.

Now as the veil keeps growing thin, show me how to prepare for this Samhain?

Teeth Falling Out and Christine – As your ancestors and spirit guides grow stronger, make sure you are listening to what they have to say. Seek out their counsel instead of working to tune them out.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 25th
: Haunted – What is haunting you right now?

Teeny Tiny TarotReading Summary: The desire to learn how (Page of Swords) to instill more guilt-free pleasure (Nine of Cups) and enjoyment upon your life’s path (The World).

Take Away: You’ve discovered that the key to a better and happier life is to instill fun, play, and pleasure into the every day, but you’ve yet to figure out how to do this without feeling guilty about it.

Once the holiday rush is over, this might be an area that you need to focus on more closely, and work with. That guilt is unfounded, and the pleasure needed. Although this shadow needs to be set aside for now, don’t let it carry on unchecked.


Daily Self Kindness

This is another catch-up post, and I cannot remember what self-kindness I did for myself on this day.

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