The Comfort and Security of Home

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Sihr Tarot by Dark SynevyrToday’s draw is the Four of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of harmony, the celebration of homecoming, as well as the joy and comfort of home.

It is interesting to me that the Four of Wands in this deck depicts only one wand in its imagery. The Ace of Wands is about new interests and enthusiasm, and what I see here in using one single wand in this Four of Wands card I see as a message to turn your enthusiasm to your home and what you value about it.

Today’s card asks us what are we taking for granted at home?  Do we take for granted the comfort?  The safety?  Do we celebrate the pleasure of having a space all our own in which to settle and enjoy when we come home each day? If not?  Why not?  The appearance of this Four of Wands encourages us to treasure and enjoy, to cherish and savor.


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Question for October 23rd: Which mistakes do I hold against myself?

Mythical Creatures Deck and Black Water TarotMistakeDire Wolf – Ruthlessness.

How to let it go.

The Devil – Holding these times of necessary ruthlessness against yourself is a form of your self-destructive tendencies. To let it go, you need to accept that it needs to be let go, for your health and well-being, and will require confronting those self-destructive tendencies head on and dealing with them.

MistakeHarpy – Theft.

How to let it go.

The Fool – Accept that at the time of your life when this happened, you were young and dumb, and you did dumb things as a result. You’re a better (and different) person now than you were then. There is no point in carrying around this guilt from something that was a part of your past during desperate times.

Mistake Eight-Forked Serpent – Deception

How to let it go.

King of Wands – In order to have what you desire in life, sometimes you have to do a little deception on the side. The question is, has this minor (or even major) deception helped in building what you want in life as a result? If so, then it had a higher purpose. It served its purpose and hurt no one.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for August 23rd
: Do Spread 2
Question: Where can I safely “drop the ball” for right now in order to give myself a little wiggle room?

Sihr Tarot by Dark Synevyr and Halloween Postcard SetReading Summary: The background in all three of the tarot cards pulled have a color connection with the light that glows within the windows, the lantern in the anchor card, and in the the moon. This connects these cards to indicate a path towards light and warmth… a positive change.

In the Eight of Cups, the shape of the antlers connects with the brambles and the legs of the spider, both located on the left-hand side of the anchor card. This speaks of the old patterns of getting frustrated and walking away not being the answer (both of these corresponding symbols are outside the house instead of within), representing that there is no warmth in that path. Instead, the shape of the cup in the Eight of Cups corresponds to the lower right hand window of the house in the anchor card, and indicates a need to look inward instead of walking away, even if it feels a bit backwards to do so at this time ( as per the inverted curtains).

In the Heirophant, something in the shape of the face and the eyes in the figure connects to the symbol above the door on the house in the anchor card. The door is dark, though, as is the majority of the Hierophant card. These symbols are centered, speaking of the present. They encourage stepping away from teaching for the time being. This is where you can drop the ball at this time, as for the moment those activities are only a burden for you and not a joy.

The skull in the window in the anchor card and the skull in the Page of Pentacles are a reminder to take things slow as you move forward into the future (skull is located on the right side of anchor card and skeleton faces to the right in the Page of Pentacles). The holiday rush can allow for a certain amount of slowness and measured pace, and this will give you the time and space moving forward that you need to add a little bit more light into your days.

Take Away: You can eek out more wiggle room and a bit more time by letting go of your feelings of obligation to those you teach, and the processes you use to educate. All of that will still be there when the holiday rush is at an end.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to make time to spend time with Gideon tonight.  Something that we both were sorely in need of.

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