Upholding Healthy Boundaries

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Yokai Yochi Tarot by buboplagueToday’s draw is the Nine of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of boundaries, defensive maneuvers, and protection of what you hold dear.

Often, the Nine of Wands is displayed as a passive card instead of an active one in its illustration. Here in this imagery we see the active participation of defense and holding up one’s boundaries. This displays the boundaries are not always stagnant, neither are they  something that you stand behind without a care. Boundaries are something that actually needs defended in order to be upheld.

This card asks us where are we being too lax in our boundaries? Where is it that we are allowing other people to cross our boundaries because we are not actively defending them as they need to be defended?

The message today is an encouragement to look at our boundaries and those that cross them, and examine why we allow them to cross those boundaries and what we can do to make sure they don’t continue to do so in the future.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 22nd
: Seance – What guidance do your ancestors offer at this time?

The Oracles by Libby BoveReading Summary: Make up with (The Lonely Heart) those that you’ve shut out of your life (The Feud) before it’s too late (The Blasted Bell).

Take Away: I understand and hear what the advice and guidance is here… I’m just not sure I can make up with those I’ve shut out.  If that means that when I’m finally ready, that it’s too late, then that’s something I’ll have to live with.  But for me?  It’s not time yet.

I’m not ready, and I may not be for some time to come.  That doesn’t mean that I’ll never be ready, but I’m not at the moment.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 21st thru 23rd – The Wheel

Yokai Yochi Tarot by buboplagueThe wheel it spins, around, again, what should I begin?

Eight of Coins – Lean into your work, for now is the time when things begin to pick up and you need to be at the top of your game.

How will it end?

Nine of Swords – There will be, as always, push back from your anxiety and mental health issues.

And as the serpent bites its tail, what will recur?

Seven of Cups atop The Empress – When all is said and done and the holidays have drawn to a close, you will have to make the choice to go back to nurturing yourself and taking good care of yourself once more.

What must I prevail?

Temperance Rx – Leaning into dealing with your lack of moderation is the next step in your personal growth. Make sure you are working on not letting it get out of control.

Sage wisdom comes with seasoned days, what can I learn and use today?

The Devil atop Nine of Wands – Take care today and throughout the season ahead to make sure that you do not allow your addictions and temptations to override the boundaries you’ve set in place for yourself.


Daily Self Kindness

I grabbed a handful of protein bars and trail mix bars on the way out of the house in an emergency instead of just saying “fuck it” and depending on there to be somewhere to get food along the way.

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