Grace and Patience

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Untamed Mystery Tarot Noir EditionToday’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of moderation, balance, and patience.

A bleeding rose and an hourglass of skulls stands out in this card, as does the fact that everything in the card (including the crane) is tied together by ribbons of energy that flow throughout the card’s imagery.

There is a certain beauty and grace that comes with moderation. A serenity that I struggle to understand and instill in my life.  And yet, when moderation is not given its due, and we are impatient or over eager, there is a tipping point where things become harmful to us.  A point where the death of moderation breeds damage to our well-being.

Today’s card speaks of the need to look at those places where we struggle with moderation and balance, and acknowledge the damage that allowing ourselves to get “out of hand” can cause.  How can we do better?  What mindfulness tactics are needed to keep things gracefully balanced and flowing smoothly?


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Question for October 20th
: What self-destructive behaviors do I exhibit?

The Lantern Guide Deck and Trauma OracleBehaviorEmotional Abuse – That inner narrative you have going on is vicious and cruel, and is focused on tearing you down one brick at a time.

How can I help myself turn this around?

Two of Birds (Wands) – Have a plan and stick to it. You know how to shut up that voice and steal its power, so make sure you do these things and have what you need in place to foster healthier practices.

Behavior Ignored – You neglect yourself, your needs, and your self-care. Everyone needs nurturing and care. You are no exception. By ignoring issues that need tending, you neglect and ignore things you need to tend to in order to stay healthy and well.

How can I help myself turn this around?

The Hanged Man – Take a new perspective with the things you are tempted to ignore. See them as the small things they are rather than the huge things your feelings try to say that they are, for when you ignore them they only grow and fester larger and larger until the become as massive as you thought they were all along.

Behavior Disesteem – Putting yourself down is something carried over from your past. You took to the task when they were no longer able to do so.

How can I help myself turn this around?

Eight of Lanterns (Cups) – Do not allow your negative inner narrative to take control or have a voice. Instead, turn away from it toward the warmth and understanding that work better for your well-being.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for August 20th
: Windowsill Candle – Where do you need to lean into the light (positivity/optimism)?

The Untamed Mystery Tarot Noir EditionReading Summary: You have a tendency to fall back into doomsday thinking (The Devil) when confronted with the fickle turns of fate (Wheel of Fortune) instead of leaning into the new path with your emotions that you’ve been walking upon the past few years (Page of Cups).

Take Away: Sometimes, it’s still difficult for you to pull away from the pessimism and see a more positive perspective.  Remember that this is a journey of exploration. Experiment with positivity and optimism to better explore its potential during these times when uncertainty and negativity feels like it’s getting the upper hand.


Daily Self Kindness

This is another catch-up post, and I didn’t write down my self-kindness at the time, nor can I remember what it might have been.

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