The Sharp Teeth

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Trionfi Della Luna Illustrated Pips EditionToday’s draw is the Judgment card, which is traditionally a representation of judgements, one’s inner calling and chosen life path, and looking back on one’s life to consider how they feel about the path they’ve taken and who they have become.

The imagery in this card makes me think of purgatory. Or, well, my idea of what purgatory is anyway, which is to say a moment (or eternity) of torment as you look over all those things you have done in life and find the results… lacking, or lackluster, or even something we feel that we are deserving of punishment for.

This card, instead of encouraging looking at these things and punishing ourselves for them, instead asks us where are we being too harsh with ourselves? Where are we judging ourselves with sharp teeth and harsh flames, instead of with understanding and care?


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 18th thru 20th – The Deities

Light in the Darkness Oracle and Tarot of FearGoddess Circe of sorcery, what transformation would you suggest for me?

Knight of Swords and The Guide Home – Seize upon a direction before you leap. This time of year often involves a lot of anxiety for you. You can circumvent some of that anxiety by taking action and having a plan and direction in place, instead of being impulsive but directionless.

Goddess Hekate, your voice is heard, what in death be given birth?

The Magician and Your Light – You are entering into a time of darkness where the necessity to keep your head down and focus on your goals is key. Keep in mind that you also need to allow yourself a moment to breathe by looking up now and then to make eye contact with the world around you.

Goddess Lilith of liberty, show me where I should be free?

Strength and Sunrise – Your strengths rise to the surface when you give yourself the rest you need to come back renewed and refreshed.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 18th
: Gravestone – What part of yourself that needs to be revisited?

Trionfi Della Luna Illustrated Pips EditionReading Summary: Allowing apathy to take hold (Four of Cups) is the road to disaster (The Tower). Make sure you are keeping your eyes open and staying aware of what’s going on around you (Death’s Sword through the Eye) to preserve your hard earned stability (Four of Coins).

Take Away: When you ignore the world around you and retreat into yourself, you open up a chance for depression to slip in and begin eating away at your insides. You have the ability to slip into depression without any encouragement at all, so don’t give yourself the opportunity to lose yourself in it prematurely or encourage it when you can avoid it creeping in.


Daily Self Kindness

I used the motorized scooter thing at Walmart today instead of insisting on walking.

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