It’s In the Reach

Today’s meditation was skipped.

VooDoo Dolly TarotToday’s draw is the Ace of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of the seed of new beginnings in the area of one’s finances, resources, health, hearth and home, labors, and manifestations.

What stands out to me in the imagery of this card is there’s a crown free-floating out there in the ether. It speaks to me of opportunity and potential. It says you can do much better, reach for the gold and you will achieve your best result.

Today’s card is an encouragement that tells us that it is in reaching for better that we succeed. It’s how we build a life worth living, how we grow and succeed, and how we become our best selves. Life isn’t about failures and misfortunes, but about what we reach for and where that reach can help us grow.


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 11th and 13th

VooDoo Dolly Tarot and Heart Forward DeckHow are my insecurities projected onto others?

The Stars and Death – You worry too much about what might happen and when, instead of looking to the present ant towards hope and positivity. This creates a more apathetic outlook towards others as your pessimism creates a lackadaisical “everyone dies sometime” attitude that is neither healthy or helpful.

How can I overcome my perceived flaws?

Knight of Swords and Loving – Be proactive about keeping your negative inner narrative in check through loving and caring thoughts, rather than an uncaring attitude. It is in leaning into self-kindness and positivity that you keep your inner critic from eating you alive.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 13th: Spirits
: How can you improve your relationship with your ancestors?

VooDoo Dolly TarotReading Summary: Make peace with your ancestors (Queen of Swords) by turning over a new emotional leaf where she is concerned (Page of Cups) and letting her back in and allowed to have an opinion in your life (Seven of Wands).

Take Away: Let go of the history and step into a new beginning concerning those that should have loved you but perhaps did so too harshly.  Listen to these ancestors, even if the history that you have with them is unpleasant.  Regardless of that history, in the present they only have your best interests at heart.


Daily Self Kindness

I didn’t get fed up with the hospital and leave like I wanted to, but stuck around and waited it out.

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