It’s Not All Trash

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Murder of Crows Tarot Limited EditionToday’s draw is the Death card, which is traditionally a representation of organic change, gradual transitions, inevitably, and occasionally, loss.

What stands out to me the strongest in today’s card imagery is the bodies that are trampled under the beast’s hooves as the rider looks forward it out instead of down at what he’s doing.

Change requires letting things go, it’s true. It is a integral part of its make up. That doesn’t mean that we disrespect those things though, or that they are worthless.

Today’s card poses the question… What are you trampling underfoot in your efforts to keep up with the changes happening in your life? What are you tossing away that requires more gratitude, respect, or reverence? Are these things worthless just because they need be left behind? Do they possibly need more recognition?


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 7th
: Creaky Hinge – What doors need opened to allow opportunity to enter?

Raven Cards OracleReading Summary: You cannot soar to your greatest heights (Top Left Card) if you are unwilling to let go of those things that weigh you down and cramp your freedom (Bottom Left Card). Lighten up and allow yourself to have a bit more fun and be a bit less serious now and then (Right Card).

Take Away: Too much of your life is spent being so very serious, when in actuality you would be better off, and far happier, if you loosened up a bit.   Don’t cling so hard to those things that need to be released, and look for opportunities to smile more and be a bit silly.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Question for October 7th – The Rule Of Three

Murder of Crows Tarot Limited Edition and Raven Cards OracleEver mind the rule of three, what I send forth {pick a card to represent what you want to focus on at this moment}..

The Feather – Community and connection. Making sure that you are not isolating, and that you are asking for help from others.

…comes back to me {draw three cards}.

The only alone time you should be indulging in should be of the healthy variety (The Hermit). Take your time making choices and consult with others instead of doing everything yourself (Two of Swords). Their perspectives are important, as is taking the time to mull things over a bit instead of being reactionary (Knight of Pentacles).


Daily Self Kindness

I spent time playing with Gid today, and it was really nice.  Needed.  It gave me a bit of relief from a tightness I was feeling.

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