Love and Letting Go

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Dancing In the Dark Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Six of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of leaving behind what is unhealthy or otherwise a problem in some way for a brighter horizon.

The traditional imagery in this particular card is accented with a cracked and crackled appearance, which speaks to me of situations that create a sense of splintering or inner crumbling.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message that I see here is a reminder that when things get rough and you feel like you’re falling apart, we need to remember to look to those that love and support us to help us through.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 24th

Jeremy Miranda Oracle and Somnia TarotWhat can help make me feel like I’m enough?

Three of Swords – Finding peace through allowing yourself to feel your feelings. Pain and grief are not meant to be bottled up, and no matter how “weak” you may feel when vulnerable, it is through sharing and expressing that you will continue to grow.

What can help make me feel like I’m doing enough?

The Devil – Lean into your connection with the earth. Sink your hands into soil and get some work done outside if you can or bring the outside in when able.

What can focusing on my self-worth do for me?

The Moon – It will shine a light upon your uncertainties and fears, allowing you to see them more clearly for what they are instead of what your imagination and negative inner dialogue has blown them up to be.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
for November 24th: Do you live to eat, or eat to live?

Dancing In the Dark TarotReading Summary: Food is a tool to good health (The Magician), and has an emotional connection (Six of Cups). It is also a deeply spiritual experience (The High Priestess).

Take Away: Both… and then some.

Eat to LiveThe Magician – I have a metabolism disorder that requires that I consume a great deal of food in order to avoid some pretty dire consequences including hypoglycemia, passing out, diabetic shock, hospital visits, and if not treated quickly, even death. Eating every few hours is an extremely important factor in making sure these things do t happen.

Live to Eat Six of Cups – Fortunately, I’m a big fan of food. I’m also often an emotional eater. I eat in reaction to a variety of emotions, I eat to celebrate, have a wide variety of comfort foods, and no interest in foods that do not delight my tastebuds. This emotional connection to food means I do not just eat to live… but also live to eat.

And then some.. The High Priestess – I am a witch. In fact, I am many types of witch. One of those prevailing types in my practice is “Kitchen Witch”. There is much witchcraft that I do that is not food, but there is absolutely no food that I make that is not witchcraft.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m… playing catch-up, and I can’t remember what self kindness I might have done for myself on this day.

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