3 Steps to Healing Lenormand Reading

3 Steps to Healing Spread - The Paper Oracle

What obsolete behavior or belief is holding back my healing process?

 Clover and Knife – The belief that optimism and luck are no match for negative inner narrative and self destructive tendencies.

Although you know this isn’t true, there are times when you fall back into that mindset. In fact, this mindset might be part of why you’re struggling to get back into your meditation practice.

What can I get dedicated and consistent about to support my healing process?

Lily and Hourglass – Commit to giving time to well established practices. You know what works.

Instead of making excuses and allowing yourself to skip these self care practices, commit time to them and make it a long standing routine instead of a short term fix or haphazard effort.

A source of hope and motivation to keep me going.

Sun and Book – Pay more attention to your successes instead of discounting them by saying you could have done better. It’s okay to feel good about your accomplishments instead of brushing them under the rug.


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