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Today’s meditation was skipped once again. The bank adventure continues and is frustrating as hell. I swear I am trying to be nice about it.

Fantastical Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower Deck

Today’s draw is the Seven of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of having an abundance of choices, which can be seen as a boon, but can also bring about feelings of inner struggle and overwhelm.

The phrase “you will see wonders” in today’s affirmation card, combined with the couple on the horse riding over the bridge in the Seven of Cups, speak to me of looking beyond the opportunities and options that are in front of your nose. Seek more.

The message in today’s cards is a reminder to keep an open mind and stay flexible. You’re missing out on the good stuff by focusing too hard on what you think are your only options.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 18th

Masculine Archetype Deck and The Witches Tarot

What truth do I need to be reminded of?
Entitled Prince and Eight of Wands

Patience is a virtue and immediate gratification is not a theme in your life, no matter how much you want it to be. Continue to work at being kind, and try not to push too hard on others who are just trying to help.

How can I positively embrace and build on this truth?
Crossing the Threshold atop Romantic, Eight of Swords atop The Tower Rx

It’s not the end of the world, just a stumbling block on your path. Continue to use your words and kindness to sway people in your favor and, in turn, get them to work harder for you than they would if you approached with bluster.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 16th & 18th

The Slavic Oracle and Fantastical Tarot

Advice I need to hear at this time concerning my work life.

Fertility and The Star – Look forward with eagerness and hope, because now is the time for growth. Don’t worry so much about the shit that’s going wrong, for they are only small pebbles on the path forward. They won’t hinder your growth in the least.

What do I need to focus on for self-care for this full moon?

Harvest and Ace of Pentacles – Now is the time when businesses in the red slide into the black, and your business needs this boon as well. Focus on what needs to be done to keep your business running smoothly and pulling all that new money in that you depend on the season to bring. The more you manage to bring in at this time of year, the easier and happier the majority of the year ahead will be.


Daily Self Kindness

I worked hard to just not think about the bank thing. To give it some time and space.

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