Make It a Goal

Today’s meditation was skipped today. I could  have used it, but I was too distracted dealing with banking bullshit all day.

Jeu de Tarot Breton and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Judgement card, which is traditionally a representation of looking back on one’s history and reflecting upon if they are happy with all that they have done and become in life, as well as getting in touch with one’s true calling, and themes to do with forgiveness and absolution.

I feel like a lot of my daily cards lately have been encouraging awareness of the little things and appreciation of the small joys in life.  And here again, we are reminded that it is the celebration of small joys that is the true treasures in life.

Today’s cards are a reminder that on the journey of your path through life, a little reverie and joy is needed to lighten the load and brighten the journey.  Make sure that as you  move along in life, you are instilling joy and laughter into your days.  Make it a goal.

Lighten the path… brighten your journey.  Make your life one filled with joy.


Tarot Nerd’s Better Boundaries Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 12th thru 16th

Магический Oракул Западные СлавянеWhat is the difference between a responsibility and a burden, to me personally?

Responsibility is nurturing and build strength and community (Family), whereas a burden simply sucks your well of energy dry until you feel like a husk of your former self (Vampire).

What burden(s) do I hold that need to be let go?

Youth – That everything has to be upbeat and perfect all the time… that you have to be perfect all the time. This is something you were taught when you were young and it’s time to let that expectation go.

How do I accept responsibility (style/method)?

Mill – You accept responsibility by churning through what needs accomplished as quickly as possible so that you can provide more for others (and continue to pile on more and more responsibilities in doing so). It’s all about “more, more, more” and the nurturing of others by providing for them what they need.

What responsibilities of others do I shoulder, that I need to let go?

Snatch – You have a habit of seeking out and snatching up opportunities for others to hand to them, instead of teaching them (or pushing them) to seek these out on their own.

What responsibilities of my own do I allow others to shoulder, that I need to take on myself?

Spine atop Maid – Not allowing when I’m feeling vulnerable to dictate so much of my behavior and how I feel about the world around me. This puts burden on others when you do this, and you need to start figuring out how to stabilize and regulate yourself a bit better during these times.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 16th

Shadows of Light Oracle and Jeu de Tarot BretonWhat is something I underestimate myself in?

Cycles, The Hermit atop Justice – Your ability to bounce back. To ride out the waves and heal yourself from upsets and imbalances, and how important healthy alone time is to this process.

Something encouraging that could help me with this.

Discernment and Nine of Clubs – Being more discerning and building better boundaries for yourself.

Take Away: This is about the financial issues that I’m going through right now concerning the credit card fraud that happened to me at the beginning of the month. This reading indicates that I need to lighten up on the doom and gloom concerning my recovery from this incident. And there is a reminder to take more care in where I use my card in the future… as well as how often.


Daily Self Kindness

I pulled my December decks today.  I know it doesn’t sound like a self kindness, but by doing this today, I’m making sure that between the visit to my mother’s, the holiday rush, and the short turn-around time on orders I’ll be facing when I return home aren’t complicated by even more things that need to be done when I get home.

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