The Sacred Pause

Today’s meditation was skipped, yet again.

Pholarchos Tarot and How to Be a Wilidflower DeckToday’s draw is the World card, which is traditionally a representation of completing a journey and the potential that comes from growth, which can allow us to then begin a new journey (note, that the World is not about the new journey, but rather the end of the old and the potential for what’s next).

Sometimes, journeys involving personal growth are a struggle.  They’re very rarely easy, and they’re not always quiet.  There is, though, a moment of quiet that exists within this journey.

It is that moment at the end. That moment where a pause exists, a sigh of relief is given… and potential for what comes next is lain out at our feet.

Today’s message is a reminder to not forget about that pause.  To savor it.  Don’t let yourself grouse over mistakes along the way and how things could have been differently. Instead? Take that moment to ease up and take a breath, let yourself enjoy that you made it, and look with eagerness to what might be next instead of dread.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarotSolitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 12th
: I focused this reading on a specific (recent) incident in my life where I behaved a bit out of my norm.

Ecologies + Bizarre Biomes Game Cards and Naibi di Giovanni VachettaWhat is my true/raw energy or motivation behind my actions?

I want it to be a safe place (Cave Biome), free from the social corrosion and damages caused by hate and discord (Muskrat), and instead filled with a sense of community and mutual understanding (Two of Cups).

How is this serving my personal well-being?

It gives me a safe and peaceful place to burrow in (Flatworm) and hide (Cave Snail) when the world feels uncertain and/or I’m overwhelmed by work (Wheel of Fortune atop Eight of Coins). I don’t want to see that refuge corrupted.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 11th and 12th

Pholarchos TarotAdvice I need to hear at this time concerning my ambitions.

King of Sparks atop Seven of Sparks – You have experience and know exactly what you want. You have others to motivate and help your cause. “Go get’em, Tiger.”

My Desire

Ten of Sparks Rx – To avoid burnout while going after what you want. To survive the holiday rush without feeling that savage, overwhelming burnout that comes at the end of running the gauntlet.

An Obstacle In My Path

Eight of Wings – You are still in the process of learning how to juggle your responsibilities, your ambition, and your health in a more balanced way.

The Solution

Seven of Spirals – Patience. You are restructuring how you live your life, and that takes time.


Daily Self Kindness

I stopped at Dennys.  Their strawberry pancakes always make me happy.

One thought on “The Sacred Pause

  1. You know, my reaction the other night wasn’t so much about the topic that everyone was fighting over, it was about standing up for one person’s RIGHT to believe what they believe and be heard and not just shot down over and over because it is the minority voice.

    It was also about that corruption, that -hatred-. I’m not necessarily pro cops, though I do think there is a need for them in our society, but it was about being anti hatred. I hate, hate hate that we have that channel that not only allows for it but ENCOURAGES animosity and hatred among us. I hate seeing the people in our community turn ugly and single minded and be unable to hear another person’s side. I hate it.

    I let it go and I came back…for you, mostly. Because I know you love this place and need this place…and I want to be where you are.

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