Negative Self Talk Lenormand Reading

Negative Self Talk Lenormand Reading - The Seeker's Lenormand

The part of me that needs be embraced.

Child and Mountain – The inner child that is intimidated by challenges and is trying to hide instead of deal with the scary stuff in life. It is that inner child that plagues you with self doubts. This child is in need of attention and care, not shaming and degradation.

Why I hold onto the negative self talk.

Lily, Fish, Birds – The constant chattering of elders that ha sunken in deep until you’re going with their flow out of habit. You know that their words were abuse, so stop allowing them to whisper on in the back of your head even though they are no longer a part of your life.

What can I say to myself instead?

Bear and Feminine – Be “mama bear” fierce about being kind to yourself. Stand up for that wounded inner child. Remember that gentleness and nurturing is not a weakness, but a strength.


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