The Magic of Enthusiasm

Today’s meditation was attempted, although I was a bit too restless to actually pull it off.

Terra Volatile and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Eight of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of hard work, honing one’s craft, apprenticeship, development of expertise in a craft, and can indicate repetitive tasks (which are often necessary to develop mentioned expertise).

Today is an orders day, which means I need to put into practice my skills and expertise. The affirmation card is a reminder that these skills are an expertise for a reason.  Because I enjoy what I do, because I love creating things.  This allowed me to make a living out of something I love, and that it’s important to look at the work through this lens instead of letting lack of enthusiasm leech in and steal away the potential for pleasure.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 4th

Hedge Guild Otherworld Oracle and The Witches TarotHow can I nurture my creativity or curiosity today?
The Seer and Knight of Cups

Stop looking outside of yourself, for that creative inspiration and motivation you seek lies within.  Your intuition and creative spark are related and you find the most enjoyment in your craft and creativity when you allow them (as well as your curiosity) free reign to explore and enjoy.

Why is it important for me to nurture this right now?
Lady of the Hedge and Hel

Nurturing this right now will help in soothing your feelings of unrest and anxiety, as well as your feelings of discontent and the leeching of enthusiasm that you’ve been experiencing.


Tarot Nerd’s Better Boundaries Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 1st thru 5th

Terra VolatileWhat is the difference between a wall and a boundary, to me personally?

A wall is to block out something or someone that is usually not life changing just annoying or frivolous (Three of Cups), whereas a boundary is there to promote healthy growth (The Universe).

Where have I built walls that need taking down?

The Fool – The walls that are currently blocking out or tamping down on your enthusiasm for life and new things. You need to tap into that enthusiasm, and there are walls in the way that are separating you from that spark you need right now.

How do boundaries benefit me?

Two of Coins – Boundaries benefit you by providing balance in your life and encouraging a more diverse and healthy use of your time. By having good boundaries in place for yourself and others in your life, you are able to make sure that you don’t focus too hard on one thing and end up neglecting other things as a result.

How do my boundaries benefit my relationships with others?

The Chariot – You are not swayed by peer pressure or conformity. Boundaries allow you the control and independence that you need in your life, and thus shape the dynamics of your friendships, relationships, and interactions with others.

Where in my life would most benefit from stronger boundaries?

Queen of Cups – The desire for emotional mothering is something you need to build bigger boundaries concerning. Every time you think that your mother is going to give you that type of emotional support, you are then crushed again when her true nature shows up to spoil those hopes.


Daily Self Kindness

(Writing this the day after.)  I went to bed early.

One thought on “The Magic of Enthusiasm

  1. I love you baby. And remember, while you may not be able to rely on your mother for that nurturing care, that doesn’t mean it’s not available to you…it just comes from other places, other people who love you unconditionally

    Me, L, Z, even Ms B…

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