Lenormand Reading – Ancestral Spread

Monster Lenormand - Ancestral Spread

What’s my current alignment with my ancestors / ancestral lineage?

Child and Fish – Curiosity, and exploration by allowing that curiosity combined with ancestral guidance to direct my path.

When do I tend to not follow my ancestral guidance?

Letter and Clover – When I’ve received news and messages that indicate there is nothing that can go wrong. The thing is, my pessimistic side doesn’t really allow for that kind of “only positive can happen” messaging to actually penetrate and “stick” with me.

What can I do to mend this action (or lack of action)?

Seeker and Tower – “Pay attention to us.”  When you ask us a question, accept the answers they give you instead of discounting them to search for trouble on the horizon when there is none. This behavior can create a self fulfilling prophesy.

What generational curse needs to be broken?

Stars and Coffin – Lack and/or loss of hope. By allowing yourself to believe, and giving yourself the challenge of looking at things in a more positive and optimistic manner, you are facilitating the change that needs to happen in this area.

What steps can I take to begin the process of breaking away from it?

Stork and Masculine – Breed better and start fresh with a new path. This is an echo of what is messaged above. I am creating something new, bringing in something new to the cycles of the past.  In order to do this takes a level of strength and steadfastness, for old habits will want to come in and keep things going in the same cycle as before.

There is also… an indication in these cards of the fact that L and I are residing at the very end of a branch on our family tree. Neither of us are capable of procreating which means at the end of our lives, this branch will peter out for good.

What steps can I take to heal from it?

Partner and Birds – Talk to Gideon.


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