Morning Bonus Read – Solar Plexus Energy

Wild Wolf Tarot - Solar Plexus Chakra Tarot Spread

My solar plexus center’s energy right now.
Alpha of Leaders (Honor)

Now that you am completely out of your depressive episode, you can feel the leadership role sliding back into place and the control is both comforting and familiar.  You are no longer overwhelmed, but self assured in your role in your home and in the business, and are sure-footed in moving forward once more.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.
The Lone Wolf (Inner Guidance)

You’re not getting out into the woods enough.  You’re not getting enough alone time.  It’s causing some tension that a bit of time alone exerting yourself among the trees could help you to release.

How I can release this tension.
Two of Hunters (Adaptability)

Listen to what your body, mind, and intuition are telling you.  Don’t plow through and ignore your needs, but instead work at making time for them and finding a balance between responsibility and self care.  Only with planning and adaptability will you be able to find a way to balance your life’s different aspects.

How I can improve my mental clarity.
Alpha of Watchers (Intellectual)

Pay attention and take responsibility for claiming that mental clarity. Actions speak volumes, and if you want to improve your mental clarity you need to actually take control and make it happen instead of allowing yourself to sink into the comfortable “slumber” of brain fog and indulging in habits that encourage a sluggish mentality.

 How I can improve my self-confidence.
Three of Hunters (Collaboration)

Allow those around you that are a part of your endeavors to have more say and more responsibility in the endeavors in question.  In doing this, you hand a piece of your trust to them, and gain a bit of time for yourself.

 What will change when I improve my self-confidence.
Seven of Caretakers (Illusion)

What you truly desire will come into clearer focus as your self-confidence improves.  Steady footing leads to clearer vision, and that vision will allow you to better identify and go after those things that really matter.


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