Cheerleaders In The Wings

Today’s meditation was skipped today primarily because I was worried that I’d doze off, and thus not get on the road in a timely manner this morning.  When I got home, I was then too eager to sit down and spend time with Gideon.  So… meditation did not work out today.

Tarot of the Nymphs and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Seven of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of nefarious acts, clever and cunning deception, being sneaky, and other types of strategic acts, as well as getting away with something.

And… today’s message was just for me and specifically related to my day.  I planned to do something highly illegal (although not remotely triggering to my moral compass or ethics). There was a bit of nervousness about that coming up on the day’s events and my plans and the message here between the Seven of Swords and the “You can do the thing!” encouragement of today’s Thera-Pets card was just what I needed to hear to ease my anxiety and settle my nerves.

I won’t go into what that ‘thing’ was here, but suffice to say that everything went off without a single hitch, and the cheerleader encouragement from the cards this morning definitely helped my nerves and execution of said “thing”.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
What role does creativity hold in my life?

Seasons of the Arcana Tarot

Reading Summary: It is the foundation of stability in my life (King of Pentacles) and allows me something positive to focus on (Five of Cups Rx) during troubled times (Three of Swords).

Take Away:  Creativity plays many roles in my life.  It’s both my entertainment and my livelihood.  It is the basis of my business, and the place I retreat to when I need to relax or when my mind is racing and needs to slow down. It is threaded throughout most of my activities, both professional and personal. Without creativity, it would be harder to lift myself out of times of disillusionment, and I would not have the steady and stable foundation under my feet that I have built my life upon.


#DiscordTarotolicsApr2021 Challenge Prompt
: What is the most valuable thing you can do for others this month?

Tarot of the NymphsReading Summary: Lighten their load (imagery in the Ace of Pentacles) by taking charge (Emperor) and facilitating change (Death).

Take Away: Not everyone handles change as well as others do. The cards here indicate that one of the most valuable things I can do for others this month is helping in lightening their load by helping them in finding their direction and supporting them through the changes that need to take place.

Sometimes? People just need a guiding hand to help them figure it out and find their direction.  Sometimes doing that on their own is just too much.. too overwhelming.  Stepping in to help in these moments can assist them in finding their footing.


Daily Self Kindness

Gideon and I started a new realm today and played with brand new characters this evening, which is always exciting and I’ve been looking forward to all day long.

What is Centering and Grounding?

Although a lot of people look upon the terms “grounding” and “centering” as one in the same, in truth they are two very different things that are often used in conjunction together.

Centering, which is usually done first (although not always), is about drawing in your chaotic energy. Imagine your energy as a sphere that surrounds you. When you are feeling chaotic, distracted, scattered, etc, the particles of energy in this sphere are agitated and disorganized.

In centering, you are taking these particles of your energy and drawing them from the sphere and in closer to yourself, even into yourself. Drawing these energies in, they condense and calm, ceasing their agitation and disorganized behavior. This is called Centering. It is bringing your energy “to center” in order to “piece yourself together” and calm your energy into a state of solid stability.

Grounding is usually done after centering, although some people do them simultaneously (or only do one or another depending on what works for them). Grounding is taking that stability within you and connecting it to “an anchor”. There are lots of things you can use as an anchor, but in my case it is always very literally… the ground.

Grounding helps preserve the centering that has been done, giving the stability found in the centering a more solid and long-lasting quality. It can also be used to help release excess energy that can build up when one is dealing with things like nervousness or anxiety, or otherwise balance out one’s energies.

My go-to way of grounding is through rooting. This is when you allow yourself to connect through your feet (or other part of your body touching the ground) and imagine your energy creating roots that dig down into the earth and spread beneath you. These energy roots create an anchor that helps cement stability in place, and allows a give-and-take of energy with the earth to level out any excess or depletion taking place.

I center and ground many, many times a day. It is a habit that takes a few second at a time, or can take a few minutes if done consciously and with intention for a stronger effect.

In spellcraft, these techniques are especially important as they are used to help condense and prepare your energy for use and direction. Casting a spell without centering and grounding would be like shooting an arrow out of a bow with the feathers loose. The energy (arrow) may get where its going, but it sheds a good deal of energy along the way (the feathers) making the spell less effective,

By centering and grounding first, you are essentially securing those feathers to the arrow (creating fletching) so that when the arrow flies, there is no loss of energy along the way and the arrow’s accuracy is greatly increased. Thus, your intention and energy in the spell is not wasted and flies true as well.

This is why you will find in the large majority of witchcrafting communities, when people ask why a spell didn’t work or why it went awry, the first question usually posed by those with experience is “Did you center and ground first?”