Support Systems and Strength

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I had planned to feed Luna then go on into the other room and meditate, but as soon as I was moving around the apartment apparently I was fair game for every little thing that everyone needed to talk to me about.  It just didn’t get done because by the time I got a few minutes to myself?  It was time to get online and spend some time with Gideon.  SO yeah.  No meditation today.

Cute Cat Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotional satiety that goes beyond just self satisfaction and spreads to a harmony with others.

The key to this card and what moves it beyond the solitary satisfaction of the Nine of Cups, is that it is about how your satisfaction and positive emotions are shared with others.  Just as what we see here in the card is three cats… instead of one.

When combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what I see here is a reminder that no man is an island unto themselves.

Being strong isn’t just about you.  It’s about who you choose to surround yourself in, and the choice to allow these people in your life to have an active part in helping achieve happiness, harmony, and enjoyment in the every day.  It’s about letting them in and allowing them to help when you need help.   It’s the support system that you build for yourself that helps create the happiness and resilience needed to stand tall in even the biggest of storms.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question:  What energy am I attracting in my life at this time?

Marziano Tarot

Reading Summary:  Consumerism over gratitude (Nine of Phoenixes), hedonism (Bacco), and sorting things out in your head (Five of Eagles).

Take Away:  Reevaluation of my more “freewheeling” tendencies (which are all consumerism based).   The energy that I’m attracting into my life at this time is all about looking at what I’m doing and weighing its value.  Where am I placing my energy, my attention, and my money?  What is diverting my attention away from a mindset of gratitude.  What am  I hiding from that I am using these things to distract myself?  It’s time to start digging and find the answers to these questions.


#DiscordTarotolicsApr2021 Challenge Prompt
: What kind of person do you truly want to become?

Cute Cat TarotReading Summary:  Capable (Magician). Serene and comfortably wise in the area of my personal emotions and those of others (King of Cups atop The World).  Well balanced (Two of Pentacles).

Take Away:  This is a glimpse of what I hope to accomplish through the emotional growth that I am exploring in myself at this time and have been working to foster in  myself over the past year or so.

With this growth I hope to become more confident in my ability to understand and accept my emotions, and understand and react to the emotions of others.  I also hope to find a better way to balance the softer sides of myself and the harder more cutthroat sides of my nature.


Daily Self Kindness

Gid and I had a talk today about our balance between the Dominance and submission and other aspects of our intimate relationship.  It felt… really good. I’m not sure if he feels the same, but I feel like we aired some stuff that hadn’t been aired before and that I’m really glad to have heard and now know.

Morning Bonus Read – Future Self

Anna K LenormandMy Present Self

Bear – Large and in charge, you feel like you have everything (or the things that matter anyway) under control.  You accept that not every aspect of the world is yours to control, but the parts of it that are your responsibility are feeling well in hand.

My future self will thank me for…

Tower – Keeping an eye out for trouble and anything that might require foreknowledge in order to defend against. Be prepared.  Make sure that you’re wards and other protections are in order, including those of the physical variety.

My future self tells me to focus on…

Fox – The day to day mechanics of making sure everything is running smoothly and will continue to do so. Now isn’t a time to drop the ball. Stay on top of things and settle into a steady routine that’ll keep everything moving at a comfortable pace from one day to the next. This is about what allows you to provide for yourself and those that depend upon you, and finding a balance and routine in that area that’s not overwhelming or going to flirt with burnout, which will then disrupt that “steady as you go” rhythm.

My future self tells me to cut off…

Coffin – Cut off the pessimism and negative inner narrative that can drag you down and cause you to lose your stride on life’s path.  When you feel it sneaking up, cut it off immediately. Don’t allow it to wreck changes that will be unhealthy for you in the end.

Advice from my future self

Child – Have a little fun.  This is advice you recently received in another reading as well.  Don’t be so damned serious and aloof all the time.  It’s okay to invest yourself in the things you like and enjoy, and it’s okay to smile and laugh more. Working on incorporating more of this attitude in your life will breath fresh air into your life and refresh the energy that surrounds you.