Unrecognized Contributions

Okay so, the blog is definitely not helping me in being accountable for my meditation practice, but my body apparently is very much up for the job.  I woke up in pain again this morning for the third day in the row and I know it’s because I have not been meditating, which means I’ve not been doing my piriformis stretches.  As a result, my hips and back are stiffening up and it’s becoming increasingly painful with each day that passes.  SO… tomorrow?  I am meditating.  I’m am going to get my ass back on track, because otherwise I’m going to have to pick up extra physiotherapy and chiro.

Linescape Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of hard work, mastering a skill, and can often indicate repetitive tasks or perfectionism.

I really like this card as I feel that it shows a different perspective than what we usually see in the Eight of Pentacles.  The imagery here is of a city built of skyscrapers, overlain with puzzle pieces.  This is representative to me of the massive amount of planning needed in building a city, and the expertise needed to make all of it fit together and work together well.

Combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what we have here is a reminder that everyone has their unique skills.  It is when we work together that we create something truly great. The key word here is “together” and that includes you.  Without you, there is no “together” and the project or endeavor would lack what you personally bring to the table.  Don’t discount what you have to offer, and how valuable that is to the team and the endeavor as a whole.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
A message from my inner child. A message from my inner mother.

Twilight Rabbit Tarot

Inner Child – The Trickster atop King of Stone – Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have everything under control.

Control is one of those things that I feel like I am constantly striving for, as it always feels as if with control comes stability and security. The reminder from my inner child is about how life is unpredictable even in the best of times and loves throw curve balls.

Inner Mother – Strength atop The Empress – True strength is more than determination and brawn (Strength), but requires nurturing and self-care as well.

It is not at all surprising to me that my Inner Mother would remind me about self-care. Sometimes self-care comes easily, but a lot of times I still feel a good amount of guilt for the time I take for self-care.  My inner dialogue tries to shame me into believing that it’s laziness instead of necessity, wasting time instead of caring for myself. My Inner Mother then speaks here to remind me that it is through self-care that strength is bolstered and given what is needed to flourish.


#DiscordTarotolicsApr2021 Challenge Prompt
: What is your personal superpower?

Linescape TarotReading Summary: Finding happiness and stability (Nine of Pentacles) when at home in nature (Four of Wands), and sorting the rest out later (Page of Swords).

Take Away: My superpower is being able to step out into the forest and letting the world fall away, finding my place and my peace among the trees and moss and letting my worries and ambitions go in order to truly sink into the comfort of the forest’s embrace.

In many ways, I am more at home lying in damp moss among nurse logs and towering evergreens than I am at home on my couch or stretched out in my own bed.

Finding these places and becoming one with them, spending time within them and allowing the essence of these places to sink in and purge the stress and worry of day to day life is my super power.


Daily Self Kindness

I finished my motherfuckin’ taxes!!  I’m so goddamned happy.  Now I just need to meet with the accountant so he can do his part of things, and then pay the man.

Morning Bonus Read – The First Planting

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
In a couple weeks, it will be Beltane, the days we traditionally celebrate the first planting of the season. This week look to what you need to prepare to plant in your life.

Art of the Patent Playing Cards Famous Patents EditionWhat goals or ideas should I prepare to cultivate this year?

Goals – Four of Hearts atop Jack of Hearts – More balance between my times of exhaustion and apathy, and my times of enthusiasm to go after my desires and dreams.

Ideas – Five of Hearts – Take a second look at the rejects in your idea book. You might just find hidden gold among those pages.

What special preparation should I give the soil of my life in order to better cultivate these?

Goals – Six of Hearts – The key here is in harmony, and in finding the things that stir your pleasure, inspire your desire and your dreams… and yet don’t send you over the edge into fevered exploration.

Ideas – Nine of Hearts – Gratitude is the key to preparing the soil of my life for what I might find among those notes in my idea book. Instead of judging everything with my head, I need to look over them with an open heart, and let wants override logic and practicality.  Although this isn’t always easy for me, focusing on personal pleasure and satiation will give me a different perspective.

What actions should I take to ensure a fertile year?

Eight of Spades – Pay attention to what is said by others and make sure to read between the lines. Not everyone is able to communicate plainly and clearly, but that doesn’t mean what’s said isn’t of value.  There will be times when your ability at reading between the lines will be imperative in order to bring this year to a fruitful end.