Morning Bonus Read – Self Value

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This week, let’s take the time to value ourselves through our craft. Do a reading about why you are wonderful and worthy.

Atlantis Playing Cards Sink EditionWhat positive traits have I built up in myself?
Three of Diamonds atop Seven of Clubs

The ability to draw others into my cause when it’s something I really believe in. I may struggle with asking for help, but when I do finally ask?  It’s there.  Unquestioned and ready to go.  Every time.

What am I doing right to support myself?
Five of Diamonds

Keeping a close eye on my finances and making sure things are on track.  Sometimes, you can put such concerns on auto-pilot for a bit and let them take care of themselves. Right now, though, I’m feeling my scarcity issues and I’m being extra vigilant.

What am I doing right to support my loved ones?
Queen of Diamonds

Being supportive.  (Seriously.  That’s the answer.  *LOL*) I’m stepping up to provide an ear and a shoulder, to give my loved ones someone to come to that understands where they’re coming from, and supporting them (namely by welcoming them to live in my home)… even if it’s a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable for me.

Where have I made progress recently that deserves to be acknowledged?
King of Hearts

I’ve been able to spend more time with Gideon lately.  I’ve gone out of my way to make time to make sure I get some time with him, whether that’s just chatting or in play.

What good things do others see in me?
Ten of Clubs atop Nine of Clubs

That I’m willing to work myself to the bone for what I believe is important, and to protect what’s mine.  Although I’ve gone through a number of hard and painful experiences in life, I don’t give up, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed and about to buckle under the weight of it all.


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