Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Dollhouse

Prompt: Pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us about what it would be like to live in a dollhouse.

My Little Pony TaroracleAt first I thought this is a really good idea and I thought it would be a lot of fun (The Fool). I was really eager to hop right in and get going and have the time of my life with this new experience (The Sun).

I threw myself into moving into the dollhouse with a full bore attitude (The Chariot) and happily began plotting my future within this wonderful little nest (The Lovers).

Everything was cute and I loved it so much, but then some time passed.  I started to get comfortable and some of the excitement wore off (The Hanged man), and I came to realize something was horribly, outrageously WRONG! There’s no food!!! (The Tower)


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